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*U Suples Dummy *Speed (Stump) Vinyl

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The purpose of The Suples Dummy *Speed is to help athletes to perform a high volume (up to 3x the rate) of
different techniques in fast or slow mode depending upon how well those techniques have been mastered.

● Sharpen Skills while Warming Up: The Suples Dummy *Speed  is very often used as a warm-up tool before
practice sessions. Sharpening skills while warming up is one of the most effective coaching methods Coach Ivan has
been using from the day he invented the Suples Dummy *Speed . (No more wasted warm-up activities!)
● Speed Training: allows us to perform timed, interval sets of continues throws. According to Coach Ivan’s experience
this method of conditioning is much more effective than running sprints or using stationary bikes or treadmills.
● Bouncing Effect: The unique design and well-balanced weight distribution along with appropriate stuffing, allows
the Suples Dummy *Speed  model to “bounce back up” during timed, fast-paced throwing sets.

*Suples Equipment-Previously Used On Display Product

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