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BULGARIAN BAG ® / Bulgarian Bag *Suples Strong

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Strong

New design

The new and innovated Bulgarian Bag model called Suples Strong is designed to take your Bulgarian Bag training to a whole new level. The new handle design will help you practice movements which are difficult to perform on the original model.
The new strap handles will also help your grip to last longer when practicing your dynamic exercises.

Free Carry bag only for Genuine leather Suples Strong model

Bulgarian Bag Suples Strong comes with its own Carry bag to help you transport and store your Bulgarian Bag Suples Strong Model.

Adjustable weight

This new Bulgarian Bag model is designed to offer you different grip options, changeable weights and a greater variety of exercises. Being able to quickly adjust the weight of each bag gives you the option to fit two bag sizes in one Bulgarian Bag.
For example: X-Small 1 1 lbs-Small 1 7lbs, Small 1 7lbs-Medium 26lbs, & Medium 26lbs-Large 37lbs.

Your product comes with an instructional video to get you started. Each video has demonstrations of proper use and demonstrations of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov.

~ You will receive this link to view our Instructional Videos after purchase.

Bulgarian Bag  *Suples Strong
High Quality Genuine Leather

Bulgarian Bag  *Suples Strong
High Quality Vinyl in Black

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Strong
High Quality Vinyl 

Bulgarian Bag *Accessories