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Suples Training Systems


Dear Coaches, Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts,

My Suples Team and I are both proud and happy to share all of our unique training methods and products with you! Our products will help you increase your strength, conditioning and overall performance. I have spent years training, competing and coaching, which has helped me develop ideas and products with one purpose in mind – to improve results! My ambition to stay fit and healthy continues to drive me to be creative with new training innovations, not only for world class Olympic wrestling preparation, but also for general health and fitness.

Whether you are an athlete, a coach, or a fitness enthusiast, I hope the information and demonstrations you find at on The Bulgarian Bag, The Gladiator Wall, The H.I.R.T.S. Trainer, Suples Ball, and all the Training and Throwing Dummies, along with their individual product elements, will benefit your training and help you achieve your goals!

We take our products and services seriously and therefore offer a hassle-free "No BS" policy with all our products.

I hope you choose Suples for all your training needs!

Ivan Ivanov
President / Founder of Suples


Suples Original, Strong and Fit Models

The BULGARIAN BAG was created with one purpose in mind: RESULTS! Based on his own experiences as an elite athlete and then a Gold-Level Coach in the United States Olympic Training Centers, Coach Ivanov realized that the metal weight equipment typically used in traditional training centers was neither practical nor functional enough as a complete training tool to build the type of core rotational strength required for wrestling and other combat sports, and this led to Coach’s first great training innovation!

Designed to be safely used in any wrestling and/or combat sports training room with the ability to simultaneously train an entire team with up to 30 wrestlers or more, the truly functional core training functions of the BULGARIAN BAG make it an absolute MUST!


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Available in wide range of size and weight options

After inventing the signature BULGARIAN BAG in 2005, nine years later, world-class athlete and coach, Ivan Ivanov, discovered another revolutionary training idea: The SUPLES BALL. As Coach Ivanov says, “The SUPLES BALL is just another evolution of the highly effective training system that brought you the original BULGARIAN BAG.”

The core training exercises used with the SUPLES BALL are almost identical to the signature exercises designed by Coach Ivanov for the BULGARIAN BAG, which makes the learning process for the SUPLES BALL to be a much faster adaptation for those who are already familiar with the BULGARIAN BAG routines. Additionally, the SUPLES BALL is specially designed to perform longer range muscle-endurance exercises without exhausting your grip, which allows you to elevate your training to the highest levels!

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High Intensity Rope Training System

Coach Ivan Ivanov built the High Intensity Rope Training System during his experience working as the head wrestling coach at the United States Olympic Training Center in Marquette, Michigan from 2002-2009.

While developing his elite Olympic athletes, Coach Ivanov used this system for training applications such as muscular endurance, strength, conditioning, speed, power, muscle activation, flexibility, and also as a method of recovery. Coach Ivanov often used the H.I.R.T.S. Single-Bands for dynamic exercises that are so important for mastering techniques in wrestling or other combat sports.

After seeing the success of the single H.I.R.T.S. model, Coach Ivanov continued to make new innovations and now, is proud to offer eight individual H.I.R.T.S. training Packs! Each pack is specifically designed to meet your individual training needs– whatever they may be!

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Designed for daily use and abuse!

Suples Dummies were the very first in our product line of world-class training devices created in 2004 by world-class athlete and coach, Ivan Ivanov. The Suples Dummies were originally designed to take wrestling performance to a new level of excellence then later adapted to be used effectively in other sports like: Judo, MMA, Grappling, and yes- even American football!

Training with Suples Dummies is NOT like training with any ordinary dummy-- Suples Dummies were expertly designed by Coach Ivanov through his own years of training and studying of athletes to ensure precision and functionality. The expert design of our Suples Dummies was NOT created just to practice basic techniques or to sit passively in the corner of your practice room like all other dummies, but to actually IMPROVE & ADVANCE your skills by giving a realistic feel & response while training, which makes this entire Suples product-line of sure to be used in your daily practice and training routines to provide the best outcomes!

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The Gladiator Wall: The foundation of the Suples Gym

“Every time I open a gym, the equipment I always install first, is the GLADIATOR WALL. This is the ‘backbone’ of the complete Suples Gym!”

The GLADIATOR WALL is designed to be used for a wide variety of functional training options such as: Flexibility (Suples Supple); Isometrics (Suples ISO); and Strength & Conditioning (Suples SC).

The patented design of the GLADIATOR WALL allows it to be installed very closely to the building wall, which saves space and fits in perfectly with the innovative equipment featured in the rest of the Suples Training Systems.

The vast assortment of available GLADIATOR WALL accessories will allow you to create a total gym system which can be geared for training the most intense, world–class athletes, while also still safe enough for introducing school-aged students to strength development exercises.

With the addition of its available accessories, the workouts on the GLADIATOR WALL can be easily designed and modified to suit every type of training need, whether it be for sport-specific training for any sport or just overall general fitness!

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