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Suples Attacker 3

Suples Dummy *Attacker –3
High Quality Vinyl

*1 Year Warranty for all Suples Attacker dummies

With the use of the Suples Wall or Suples Frame the Suples Attacker 3 is designed for easy setup on both. The Attacker 3 can also be installed onto a pull-up bar or other exercise frames.

Improving Technical Skills and mechanics 
Suples Attacker 3 is designed for practicing the mechanics of the Back Step and Back Arch throwing techniques.
While doing the speedy drills on the Suples Attacker 3 the athletes can properly condition their bodies for better execution of specific techniques for wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and MMA.
*The Suples Attacker 3 is effective for ages 5 to the world level.

Increases Volume of Reps
Suples Attacker 3 is made for faster reps execution without spending much time for a reset.
Body Conditioning 
The technique drills on the Suples Attacker 3 are also made to condition and properly prepare the muscles involved in specific techniques.

Home Use
Suples Attacker 3 can be the ideal back step and back arch partner, always ready for your home use training.

“Even though we call this dummy the Suples Attacker, remember, the ATTACKER must always be YOU!"

The Suples Dummy *Attacker –3 includes:

Attacker 3 Dummy

4 resistance bands (3 attaching the upper body and 1 attaching on either side of the bottom of the dummy, resembling legs)

5 velcro attachments 

3 carabiners

*Suples Wall is not included

Suples Dummy Attacker -3 *Mounting Options

Suples Dummy Attacker -3 *Accessories

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