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Suples Spartan Bar

Benefits of Core Strength

Your core strength affects everything you do, literally. It is involved in almost every movement of the human body. Whether it be a tennis player swinging a racquet, a golfer swinging a club, or just bending over to pick up a package. It is the stable link that connects your lower and upper body; all movements either stem from, or pass through, your core.

So what exactly, is your 'core'? Abs comes to mind for most people, but this is only partially correct. Core is much more than that- encompassing abs, obliques, pelvic and hip muscles, lower and mid back muscles, and 'deep muscles' that support your spine and posture.

Why is a strong core needed?

For athletes, core is an absolute necessity. For starters, it's a huge factor in generating power. All explosive movements incorporate your core muscles, and many originate directly from your core and move outward to your limbs. If you haven't developed these muscles, you're missing out on an extreme amount of power and explosiveness. Just as importantly, core muscles are responsible for balance and stability. Athletes with a good sense of balance, are well, better athletes. Think of a gymnast that can perfectly control his/her body, a skier that can adjust and compensate instantly while traversing moguls and uneven terrain, or a wrestler that can scramble and fight from any position without feeling out of control.

All due to balance and balance stems from…core!

So what about regular folks? Why do you need to focus on core? Good question. Not only is core instru mental for athletics, but it helps for overall health and wellness for every person, young and old.

Any bending, lifting, twisting, or carrying that you might do engages and utilizes core muscles. Even tasks like vacuuming or mopping the floor. Any of these things done with a weak core can lead to injuries and discomfort. Back pain, something that very many people suffer from, is most often a derivative of weak core muscles. Weak core is also extremely bad for posture and can contribute to 'slouching.' Bad posture promotes wear and tear on the spine and even prevents you from breathing to your full capacity.

So remember to not skimp on core training. Whether you are a pro-athlete or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, the benefits of core training are proven to have huge benefits on your overall health and physical abilities.

"The stabilizing block is an added feature for the Spartan Bar.  It sits beneath the pin, and prevents either end of the bar from being able to touch the ground.  The bar can still rotate from side to side, but the up and down movement is restricted.  This is good for beginners getting used to the bar, where full instability might be a little bit difficult.  Balancing is still necessary and stabilizing muscles are still engaged, making for a great core and upper body workout even with the stabilizer in place.  It is also good at the end of a workout when you're getting tired, but want to get a few more reps in!  To use the stabilizing block, simply remove the pin that holds the bar in place, and drop the block into the two rectangular holes on the bottom of the cradle that holds the bar.   Re- insert the pin, and you are good to go!"

*The Suples Spartan Bar comes with a 3-year warranty

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