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Suples *Gladiator Wall / Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Dip Bar

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Dip Bar



* 1 Year warranty for all Suples accessory products

All *Gladiator Wall accessories have been designed to fit with the Suples *Gladiator Wall.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with other products

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Dip Bar

This product is not currently available.
The new version is expected by November 15/2021.
Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions. 

The *Suples Wall Dip Bar is designed to be mounted directly to the Suples *Gladiator Wall. This training device allows you to do regular dips or supported dips with your feet still on the floor. And- there are a variety of different exercises that can be done with the *Suples Wall Dip Bar to provide great chest, shoulder, abdominal, and core balance training. The *Suples Wall Dip Bar allows each athlete to easily adjust the Dip Bars together or apart to any desired shoulder & chest width in order to target specific muscle groups!

* 350 lb (159 kg) weight capacity

*Suples Wall Dip Bar:

  • Quickly attaches directly to any rung of the Suples *Gladiator Wall
  • Can be used for a wide variety of body weight exercises
  • Functions as a component to make your Suples *Gladiator Wall more versatile
  • Easily adjusted (widened or narrowed) 
  • Provides solid, motionless stability during exercise