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BULGARIAN BAG ® / Bulgarian Bag *Accessories

Bulgarian Bag *Accessories

Bulgarian Bag - Multi Level Rack

  • The solid construction and black metal design holds up to 5 Bulgarian Bags at one time (6f high).
  • This safe design has a slight incline to easily grab and store all of our Bulgarian Bag models and sizes with a secure hold.
  • Creates an organized and professional look to your home, gym, school, or training center.
  • Easily able to visually see the Bulgarian Bag sizes you have available.
  • It is created with a durable heavy grade steel frame construction with strong metal.
  • Compact design keeps weight neat and organized.
    Easy to assemble.

Bulgarian Bag - GI Vest for Judo & Jiu Jitsu

The Gi Vest is a great accessory for your Bulgarian Bag. It is a must have if you are into Judo or Jiu Jitsu. The Gi Vest is made with high quality gi material that is attached to the vest, this allows you to have two extra handles on your Bulgarian Bag and changes the side handles to side Gi handles. This accessory comes in two size options: 1 st size can fit the x-small and small size Bulgarian Bags, 2nd size can fit the medium and large size Bulgarian Bags. The main focus of the Gi Vest is the grip training for your hands and fingers. You will not find effective grip training like this with any other tool out there!

*1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

Bulgarian Bag - Head Harness

This Head Harness is specifically designed to work with the Bulgarian Bag Original, Suples Strong and Suples Fit models. If you already have the Bulgarian Bag and you wish to increase the strength of your neck muscles, you will love the Suples Head Harness. The pain is not going to be on your head and ears, but on your neck muscles. This tool is a must have for all combat athletes. With the Bulgarian Bag and the Suples Head Harness, forget about the "cherry stem neck."

Bulgarian Bag - Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is a must have accessory for your Bulgarian Bag. Especially if you plan on taking your bag with you to train at different locations. It is the best and most convenient way to carry your Bulgarian Bag. This accessory will also help to keep your bag clean and is a great way to store it.

*XS/S (6 lbs - 17 lbs Bulgarian Bags Original Model)
*M/L (22 lbs - 58 lbs Bulgarian Bags Original Model)

Bulgarian Bag - Exercise Poster

Great tool for all Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches. The photos with the text below will help you to follow the proper steps with your Bulgarian Bag training

Bulgarian Bag - Routines DVD's

In this video you will see how the Creator of the Bulgarian Bag, Ivan Ivanov, is getting the most out of the Bulgarian Bag. You will be able to see different methods for training with the Bulgarian Bag. For the first time Coach Ivan is demonstrating how to train speed and power with Bulgarian Bags. You will see on this video how Coach Ivan is training and Coaching one of his top Suples instructors Nick Stanchev.