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Course levels

All Suples Educational Courses are NASM CEU Credited


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Suples Fit (Level 1)

In order to reach the level of Suples Fit, each candidate must go through the training course and successfully pass all the required tests for each particular Suples training equipment. Suples Fit is the first basic training course.

Benefits of reaching certificate level Suples Fit:

With reaching the level Suples Fit, you will receive a certificate from the Suples Training Systems,LLC. The certificate for level Suples Fit is proof that you have been trained and instructed by the original training and educational company of the Suples product. Your Suples title will be, for example: Bulgarian Bag Instructor -Level Suples Fit or H.I.R.T.S instructor -Level Suples Fit. This level will give you the rights legally to train and instruct others on the product, but not to run courses on behalf of Suples Training Systems.

Suples Strong (Level 2)

In order to reach certificate level Suples Strong, you must first successfully complete the course level Suples Fit.

Suples Strong requires much more training experience with the equipment; in training yourself and also instructing others. The educational program for the Suples Strong course is a process of a 2 day course training, and the requirements are much more focused on advanced exercises with the tools and the ability to be able to coach and instruct others.

For those who wish to become Suples Pro instructors someday, it's a requirement to first successfully complete the Suples Strong course. The Suples Strong Certificate will make you eligible to have an opportunity to become a Suples Pro instructor.

Suples Pro

Once you reach certificate level Suples Strong, then you can send an application to Suples Training Systems and express interest to become a Suples Pro. Your application will be reviewed by the Suples Board of Directors and you will be notified about the decision.

Once you become a Suples Pro instructor, you will be certified and authorized from Suples Training Systems to run workshops or educational courses as a Suples Pro instructor on the paticular Suples training tool in which you are certified, then you can sign certificates on behalf of Suples Training Systems as a Suples Pro Instructor on that particular Suples training tool.

Suples Master

Suples Master is the top and the highest title in the Suples Training and Education Certification Program. The title Suples Master will be awarded to those Suples instructors who were able to achieve certificates of Suples Pro levels on the following Suples training equipment: Bulgarian Bag, H.I.R.T.S, Gladiator Wall, and the Suples Dummy.


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