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Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Bench


Functional Training with Suples Training Systems and Gladiator Wall Bench

* 1 Year warranty for all Suples accessory products

All Suples® Wall accessories have been designed to fit with the Suples® Wall.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with other products

 Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Bench

The *Suples Wall Bench is designed to be used with the Suples® Wall. It is a great tool to take your core training to the next level! The *Suples Wall Bench can be easily adjusted to different levels of inclines so you can move through circuit training exercises quickly and safely. If you have a Suples® Wall, you will definitely want to add this accessory to allow you to add new routines and a great variety of training options to your workouts. You will be able to do core exercises in every plane of motion, with or without weights! With your *Suples Wall Bench you will get results!
Maximum weight capacity for the *Suples Wall Bench is 350 lbs (158 kg)

The *Suples Wall Bench offers a wide range of safe, effective, and innovative training routines when used with our:

  • Suples Bell
  • Bulgarian Bag
  • Wall Bar
  • Dip Bar
  • Pulleys

Suples Cuffs

The SUPLES CUFFS are weighted packages used for upper and lower body exercises.

At SUPLES, we use the SUPLES CUFFS primarily for muscular endurance workouts.
The SUPLES CUFFS fit as an accessory with all of the Suples Training Equipment. They are available in two different weights: 2.5lbs/1kg and 4.5lbs/2kg
The few extra lbs/kg that the SUPLES CUFFS provide can surely make a difference in strength, speed, and overall performance.
The SUPLES CUFFS are a safe piece of equipment that can be used on the mats by anyone, including advanced wrestling athletes, youth athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

    • Sold in a pair
    • 2 different weights:
      • 2.5lbs/1kg
      • 4.5lbs/4kg