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Mat Products

The MatShield® is our brand-new patented system for the sanitary storage & transport of your wrestling mats. Our MatShields® are not just any ordinary mat cover. They are designed to protect both, the INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of your mat. When your mat is rolled for storage, any dirt and/or debris stuck to the bottom (floor) surface of the mat now makes its way to the top (competition) surface.

The MatShield® design covers the entire top surface of the mat to PREVENT any transfer of the bottom dirt/debris as the mat is rolled. This ensures a far more sanitary mat surface the next time the mat is unrolled for use. To offer even better protection, our MatShields® can be treated with an anti-microbial agent that lasts for up to three years with ordinary use.*

Additionally, the all-in-one outer wrapping design of the MatShield® provides a tough encasement to create yet another barrier to dirt & debris while protecting your mats from the wear and tear of ordinary storage and transport.

Each section comes complete with another patent-pending feature- sturdy “carry” handles for easy lifting and carrying each mat section, as well as stitched outer “grab” handles used for easily maneuvering the rolled mat section around the gym floor.

And no need to worry about finding those mat straps either— the MatShield® comes with two straps already attached (so you’ll never lose them again) to make it all a quick, one-step process! The sleek design allows you to simply wrap up your mat sections and store them anywhere— even in plain sight since the MatShield® is not only protective, it is also attractive.


INNER barrier to prevent dirt/debris from leaching onto the competition mat surface

OUTER barrierto protect outside surface when the mat section is ready for storage

Attached CARRY handlesto allow easy lifting and transport of the mat section

Stitched GRAB handlesto allow maneuverability of the mat section

ATTACHED МАТ STRAPSon Outer Cover so you never have to worry about losing them

Sleek design that makes rolled mats "easier on the eyes " when stored in your gym

Fits all STANDARD (42’ x 42’) 7 section lightweight wrestling/cheer/gymnastics mats

Dear Educators, Coaches & School/College Athletic Directors,

Please be informed that SUPLES, Ltd. Is the sole-source vendor for all Bulgarian bags & mat cover products, including our all new patent-pending MatShield, the most sanitary and only mat cover that protects both, the inside and outside of your mats and is available with our anti-microbial treatment option. We own the patents (or pending) on all of our products listed in our catalogues and on our websites. Our products are available directly through our sales offices only, and we do not ever authorize any other resellers or vendors to market, sell, or ship our products at discounted prices or promotions.

If you have any questions regarding our products or your order, or should you need further information about this letter, you may call our customer service department at the numbers listed above, or contact us through our email.

We here at Suples take pride in knowing all our products are manufactured with the highest safety & durability standards in mind- and you will know it too. Thank you for allowing us to serve your training , equipment & mat protection needs!


Ivan Ivanov
President / Founder of Suples Ltd

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