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History of Suples

Arrival into the U.S.A.

Ivan Ivanov was recruited by USA Wrestling from his home country of Bulgaria to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, to help coach and develop the U.S. National Greco Roman Wrestling Program. Realizing his great passion for coaching, he soon ventured into the grassroots of wrestling, developing youth wrestling programs and shaping his young athletes from the ground up, into top competitors at the national levels.

The Birth of Suples

The name, “Suples,” carries two meanings: first, it is a powerfully explosive wrestling throw performed only by the most highly-skilled athletes, and more commonly, it comes from its base meaning of the word “supple,” which defines a combination of great strength and flexibility. Wrestling practice dummies were the first in the new Suples line of world-class training products; but soon, Coach quickly focused on his vision of having not just practice dummies, but ALL the necessary training equipment available right in the wrestling room, to be used safely inside the room and on the mats without causing any harm or damage to either the athletes or the room itself!

The Innovation of Sport-Specific Training

While building his programs, Coach Ivanov realized that the available training equipment was not adequate nor sport-specific for meeting the demands of preparing his athletes for high level national and international wrestling competition-- even in the Olympic training centers! This prompted Coach Ivanov to get creative and develop not only new training methods, but also the right type of wrestling-specific training equipment, which would be suitable for the highest levels of strength and conditioning training

A World-Class Brand

The Suples brand has been committed to the innovation and development of top level training equipment for athletes- not just in wrestling, but in all combat sports! Coach Ivanov’s products are so widely respected that his signature products can now be found in training centers around the world and have produced results for countless athletes, coaches, clubs, and national federations, and have even been selected for use by highly regarded fitness professionals as well as athletes during the Olympic Games!