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Already having established himself as a highly respected world-class athlete and Olympian in 1996 in the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling for his home country of Bulgaria, a decade later in the year 2005, Coach Ivan Ivanov, now training his own Olympians and world-class athletes as a Gold-Level Coach in the United States Olympic Training Centers, introduced the world’s first BULGARIAN BAG! And thus… the Suples Company, world-renowned maker of innovative, world-class training devices, was born! Coach Ivanov created the Bulgarian Bag with one purpose in mind: RESULTS! Based on his own experiences as an elite athlete, Coach Ivanov realized that a truly functional core training tool like the BULGARIAN BAG is a MUST for any wrestling and/or combat sports training room. Coach Ivanov recognized that the metal weight equipment typically used in traditional training centers was neither practical nor functional enough as a complete training tool to build core rotational strength or to safely use inside a wrestling room, and this led to Coach’s first innovation!

Original Product Design & Creation The first stage of the BULGARIAN BAG development was to design the appropriate shape, elements, and material of this new training invention. This initial creative process itself did not take much of Coach Ivanov’s time, since he already knew what the Bulgarian Bag should look like…
The “Lamb” Shape and the “Champion’s Swing” During his home country’s traditional Bulgarian Folkstyle Wrestling Festivals, livestock animals were awarded as winner’s prizes. After the final match, the winner is to take his livestock prize (lamb, sheep, ram or even baby calf) and then- as part of this tradition- he must “swing” the animal over his head to get it onto his shoulders and walk proudly through the audience. If the animal is too big or heavy, the winner is assisted by the fans. This first “champion’s swing” to get the lamb up around the winner’s shoulders, is what led to the vision and design of the first BULGARIAN BAG, created by Coach Ivan Ivanov!

CLICK HERE for Training and Education on the Bulgarian Bag

The original BULGARIAN BAG: The very FIRST in the great SUPLES LINE of products to make you SUPLES STRONG!



The entire product line of the BULGARIAN BAG models has been precision-tuned by Coach Ivanov to meet all of your training demands when used along with his world-class Suples  Training Systems!

Now you can have a more efficient and effective training system, since even just one coach is able to simultaneously train an entire team of 30 wrestlers or more, with a more productive outcome of executing daily training exercises to perfection!

  • Offered in models made of leather, high-quality vinyl, or canvas.
  • Unique design is simple, safe, durable, and completely portable!
  • Different models offer a variety of grip and handle options to suit different, specific training purposes and comfort levels.
  • Different models are offered in a wide variety of weight and size options for ANY level of training-- ranging from world-class athletes to fitness enthusiasts, down to physical education classes and kids!


The BULGARIAN BAG is a great tool to gain the benefits of weight-training; BUT, in a safe and more practical & productive manner when used with the sports-specific design of the Suples training programs! JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE STRONG IN A WEIGHT ROOM DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!

Use the BULGARIAN BAG as a better way to increase:

  • FUNCTIONAL Core Strength (Different from just weight-lifting)
  • Speed, Power, & Acceleration
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Flexibility

Use as a highly effective & innovative training tool for:

  • Fitness
  • Pre-training warm up
  • Muscle targeting activities
  • Muscle activation
  • Rehabilitation


Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original

The Suples Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original is available in high quality genuine leather, vinyl, and canvas in weights ranging from 6lbs/3kg to 84kg/38kg.

from 6 lbs to 84 lbs

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Bulgarian Bag *Suples Strong

The different design with the change of the side handles will help you to practice movements which are difficult to be performed on the original model.

from 11 lbs to 37 lbs

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Bulgarian Bag *Suples Fit

The Bulgarian Bag Suples Fit model has modified side handles, which allow you to have a full grip through the handle. This can be a less intense grip training option, especially for fitness enthusiasts who may not be particularly focused on strengthening their grip.

from 11 lbs to 37 lbs

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Bulgarian Bag *Suples Limited Edition

The Bulgarian Bag *LIMITED EDITION model offers a variety of different unique grip options. It is made of the highest quality leather and is exquisitely unique in its color and design in either black or white. Along with that, it comes with a complimentary matching Carry Bag.

from 17 lbs to 37 lbs

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Starter Size Chart

Individual's ConditionSexRecommended starting  Bulgarian Bag size
Beginner with little to no fitness/training experience as a whole.Male17-22 lbs.
Female11-17 lbs.
Average training level and interested in maintaining general fitness.Male26-33 lbs.
Female17-22 lbs
Advanced training level and interested in optimizing overall strength,Male37-42 lbs.
conditioning, etc.Female22-26 lbs.

Elite Athlete Chart

Individual's ConditionSexBulgarian Bag  Sizes
Experienced with the Bulgarian Bag, weight training, and power training. InterestedMale 44-84 lbs.
in optimizing athletic performance and continuing to build strength, conditioning, etc. Female37-84 lbs.

Youth Athlete Size Chart 

Individual's ConditionRecommended  starting Bulgarian  Bag size
Body weight  (60-90 lbs.)11 lbs.
Body weight  (90-105 lbs)13 lbs
Body weight (105-130 lbs)17 lbs.