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Suples Dummy *Speed

Why the Suples Dummy *Speed?

Here are few of the reasons why Ivan Ivanov decided to create the Suples Dummy *Speed .

  • The Suples Dummy *Speed is designed to be almost half the weight of the regular throwing dummy. That makes the speed dummy a lot more functional while practicing throws, techniques and combat fitness movements.
  • The difference of the stuffing materials makes the speed dummy much more flexible and a lot easier to practice than the traditional throwing dummy that we use for building explosive power and technique.
  • The arm dimensions are designed with extra length to allow a more convenient hold and grip.
  • The Suples Dummy *Speed is designed to bounce off the mat while throwing. That helps the athlete to quickly reset for the next throw without lifting it every time.
  • The Suples Dummy *Speed is designed to develop speed and intensity while executing throws.


The Suples Dummy *Speed comes in 2 models: (with stump) or (with legs) both, in the same high quality vinyl as our other signature line of dummies

  •  Distinctive RED color symbolic of the aggressive mindset associated with this type of high-intensity training!
  •  Weight Effect: The Suples Dummy *Speed is purposely designed to be a half-weight lighter than the standard Suples Dummies. This weight adjustment offers athletes a faster drilling pace before getting to fatigue for the main part of the practice


The purpose of Suples Dummy *Speed is to help athletes to perform a high volume (up to 3x the rate) of
different techniques in fast or slow mode depending upon how well those techniques have been mastered.

  •  Sharpen Skills while Warming Up: The Suples Dummy *Speed is very often used as a warm-up tool before practice sessions. Sharpening skills while warming up is one of the most effective coaching methods Coach Ivan has been using from the day he invented the Suples Dummy *Speed. (No more wasted warm-up activities!)
  •  Speed Training: allows us to perform timed, interval sets of continues throws. According to Coach Ivan’s experience this method of conditioning is much more effective than running sprints or using stationary bikes or treadmills.
  •  Bouncing Effect: The unique design and well-balanced weight distribution along with appropriate stuffing, allows the Suples Dummy *Speed (Stump) model to “bounce back up” during timed, fast-paced throwing sets.

Suples Dummy *Speed (Stump)
High Quality Vinyl

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

** Products been produced with tolerance +/-5 lbs

Suples Dummy *Speed (Legs)
High Quality Vinyl

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

** Products been produced with tolerance +/-5 lbs

 Suples Dummy *Accessories


  • Leg Shots with drive through
  • Duck under with lift (lifting the dummy off the mat)
  • Fireman’s Carry – knee drop (for this drill you need to adjust the stance of the dummy)
  • High Crotch explosive lifts
  • Double leg attacks with explosive lift

The Suples Harness is also very helpful to the Judo and Greco Roman athletes. They can drill their back steps and body attacks without executing throws.

The Harness packages comes with two Velcro pads that you need to put around the buckles after you install the Harness onto the dummy.

Note: The rope is not included with the harness package.

MMA/Mixed Marital Arts fighters can drill punches and kicks on the dummy when hanging in a Harness. The dummy is soft, flexible and durable enough to take hard punches and leg kicks. You can be safe using a Suples Dummy and Harness.


Approximately 50 minutes of instruction on several techniques of upper body throws and tie ups. This educational DVD will improve your footwork and help you learn how to set up for throws in any style of wrestling. Specially suited for wrestlers in folkstyle and freestyle.

Suples Cuffs

The SUPLES CUFFS are weighted packages used for upper and lower body exercises.

At SUPLES, we use the SUPLES CUFFS primarily for muscular endurance workouts.
The SUPLES CUFFS fit as an accessory with all of the Suples Training Equipment. They are available in two different weights: 2.5lbs/1kg and 4.5lbs/2kg
The few extra lbs/kg that the SUPLES CUFFS provide can surely make a difference in strength, speed, and overall performance.
The SUPLES CUFFS are a safe piece of equipment that can be used on the mats by anyone, including advanced wrestling athletes, youth athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

    • Sold in a pair
    • 2 different weights:
      • 2.5lbs/1kg
      • 4.5lbs/4kg

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