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BULGARIAN BAG ® / Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original

2 Year Warranty for all leather products

We do not sell empty Bulgarian Bags. All of our Bulgarian Bag Models are well balanced, professionally filled and ready to be used & abused.

Your product comes with an instructional video to get you started. Each video has demonstrations of proper use and demonstrations of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov.

~ You will receive this link to view our Instructional Videos after purchase.

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original
High Quality Genuine Leather

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original

High Quality Vinyl

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original

High Quality Canvas

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Original
High Quality Vinyl

Bulgarian Bag *Accessories

Bulgarian Bag - Head Harness

This Head Harness is specifically designed to work with the Bulgarian Bag Original, Suples Strong and Suples Fit models. If you already have the Bulgarian Bag and you wish to increase the strength of your neck muscles, you will love the Suples Head Harness. The pain is not going to be on your head and ears, but on your neck muscles. This tool is a must have for all combat athletes. With the Bulgarian Bag and the Suples Head Harness, forget about the "cherry stem neck."

Bulgarian Bag - GI Vest for Judo & Jiu Jitsu

The Gi Vest is a great accessory for your Bulgarian Bag. It is a must have if you are into Judo or Jiu Jitsu. The Gi Vest is made with high quality gi material that is attached to the vest, this allows you to have two extra handles on your Bulgarian Bag and changes the side handles to side Gi handles. This accessory comes in two size options: 1 st size can fit the x-small and small size Bulgarian Bags, 2nd size can fit the medium and large size Bulgarian Bags. The main focus of the Gi Vest is the grip training for your hands and fingers. You will not find effective grip training like this with any other tool out there!

*1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

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