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Suples Wall *Steel

Suples Wall *Steel

“Every time I open a gym, the equipment I always install first is the Suples Wall. This is the ‘backbone’ of the complete Suples Gym!” - Founder of Suples, Ivan R. Ivanov
The Suples Wall - Steel is designed to be used for a wide variety of functional training options such as: Flexibility (Suples Supple);
Isometrics (Suples ISO); and Strength & Conditioning (Suples SC).
The patented design of the Suples Wall allows it to be installed very closely to the building wall, which saves space and fits in perfectly with the innovative equipment featured in the rest of the Suples Training Systems.
The vast assortment of available Suples Wall accessories will allow you to create a total gym system which can be geared for training the most intense, world–class athletes, while also still being safe enough for introducing school-aged students to strength development exercises.
With the addition of its available accessories, the workouts on the Suples Wall *Steel can be easily designed and modified to suit every type of training need, whether it be for sport-specific training for any sport or just overall general fitness!

If you are interested in multiple units, please contact us directly.

Suples Wall *Steel offers two installation options.

Standard: *90 inches tall and 35.5 inches wide.

Extended: *100 inches tall and 35 inches wide.

 *The max load tested for the Suples Wall *Steel is 400 lbs.

*3-year warranty on the Suples Wall *Steel

Suples Wall *Steel *Accessories

All *Suples Steel Wall accessories have been designed to fit with the Suples Wall *Steel.

Suples does not guarantee compatibility with other products.

Suples Wall *Steel Squat Rack

The Suples Wall *Steel Squat Rack is a convenient and space-efficient way to add a squat rack to your gym, especially if you already have two or more Steel Walls. The Squat Rack is designed to be mounted directly to the bars on the Steel Wall with a minimum width of 43.5 in/110.5 cm.

*3-year warranty on the Steel Squat Rack

All ROPEFLEX Jump Ropes incorporate replaceable genuine leather protective sheaths that will extend the life of your rope. You can always order replacement from us when needed.

Handle-finishing options from SURE-GRIP clean stitch to premium genuine leather. And all leather handles incorporate our MAG-HANDLE technology.


  • Upper body power and shoulder development
  • Slower rotation and better control
  • Greater muscle engagement vs. conventional rope

Our handmade ropes are of the highest quality polyester material, same material we use on our endless rope trainers. Proudly made from start to finish at our California factory we hand stitch our ropes and pre-condition them for long-life using our proprietary process. 

 4.0 lb (1.8 kg) 1.3 inch (33 mm) diameter HEAVY ROPE



Easily attach our ropes to any metal object for storage. Our unique patent pending retention system on ropes equipped with premium genuine leather handles is simple and functional. There is no need to coil ropes and throw them on the floor. Touch both handles to any steel beam or plate and walk away, our jump ropes will remain hanging.


With a heavy rope, it takes a lot more arm strength and grip strength to be able to hold and control the handles. This won’t just help your grip when jumping rope – it will also help when doing things like pull-ups or bar related exercises.


Jump rope can help beginners increase their work capacity, but once the body adapts, there is no more room for improving work capacity when using a lighter rope. There may come a time where you’ll be able to do double-unders without feeling like they are a challenge. Once the body adapts to a certain intensity and/or duration of an activity, you would need to change things up to continue to improve. When you start to use a heavy jump rope, you’ll being to challenge yourself in a different way. Most of our customers that use our heavy ropes are on the floor out of breath after doing 20 reps.


A standard jump rope is amazing for cardiovascular health, but it won’t really help you gain muscles. On the flip side, a heavy rope is great for your heart and your muscles, especially your upper body. The greater the weight of the rope, the more momentum is generated. The more momentum that is generated, the more force that is put on your arms. In turn, the extra force that is made by heavy ropes can really help you develop solid upper-body strength.

The Suples WALL DIP BAR is designed to be mounted directly to the Suples Wall. The training allows you to perform regular dips or supported dips with your feet still on the floor. The Dip Bar provides great chest, shoulder, and abdominal training. The WALL DIP BAR is made to accommodate athletes with different shoulder widths. Each athlete can easily set the Dip Bar to the desired shoulder & chest width while then quickly & easily attaching or detaching the Dip Bar from the Wall!


  • Attaches directly to any of the main bars of the Suples Wall
  • Can be used for a wide variety of bodyweight exercises along with weighted dips
  • Functions as a component to make your Suples Wall more versatile

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless)

The Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) is professionally designed for both, short, intense interval training routines as well as longduration endurance training. It is designed for all upper-body use while emphasizing both, cardio and muscular endurance training. This model pulley accessory is built on the principle: "The harder you pull- the more resistance you will receive." With this principle in mind, this premium model Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) comes ready to perform to meet every need– from the intense training of world-class professional athletes down to the basic fitness development of young kids!

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Pulley (REVVLL Pro)

The Suples Wall *Pulley (REVVLL Pro) is an incredible addition to our Suples line of pulley accessories. Built with high-quality mechanisms and the toughest rubberized rope, this model pulley accessory will handle anything you can throw at it and help you reach your strength and conditioning goals. A huge advantage to this model Suples Wall *Pulley (REVVLL Pro) is the ability to quickly and easily adjust between the 6 different levels of resistance. This allows for personal and team competition challenges that can be specifically designed to meet the goals and abilities of each athlete each time you use it!

Suples Q Rope Pulley

The Suples Q Rope Pulley is an endless pulley system consisting of five meters of high-quality woven rope and ten different levels of resistance ranging from 11 lbs-132 lbs.


  • A high-quality sports bag
  • Strap for hanging the device to a variety of different anchors (fence, post, tree)
  • Exercise Booklet

Highlights of the Suples Q Rope Pulley:
  • Portable and can be anchored in multiple positions and locations both indoors and outdoors
  • Offers adjustable resistance in ten different levels from 11lbs-132lbs
  • Provides full-body functional training, along with improving core strength and posture 
  • Suitable for physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation
  • Compatible with the Suples Wall *Wooden, *Steel, and Suples Frame.

Suples Q Rope Specifications:
  • The body of the device is made of aluminum.
  • The screws of the rollers are stainless steel screws.
  • The hanging hook is made of steel and the other parts of the device are made of steel or an armored polyamide 6 compound.
  • The rope is made of polyester which is produced especially for the Qrope and has undergone adjustment processes that make it particularly resistant to abrasion.
  • The total length of the rope is 5 meters.
  • The weight of the device is 8 kg.

  • The Suples Q Rope Pully has a 3-year warranty

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Rope

The *Suples Wall Rope is a valuable accessory to make your Suples *Gladiator Wall training much more versatile, fun, and effective! This tool is particularly useful if you don't have a high ceiling but wish to incorporate rope climbing or rope exercises into your workout. With a pair of *Suples Wall Rope, you can do interval battling and never worry about running out of space! Our high quality ropes are flexible, durable, and made for long term use and abuse. CLIMB FAST and BATTLE INTENSE!

*Suples Wall Rope:

  • Attaches directly to any part of the Suples *Gladiator Wall
  • Can be used for CLIMBING and/or PULLING exercises
  • Can be used as a RESISTANCE TRAINING device
  • Use for CARDIO and ENDURANCE training

Suples Wall Accessory *Suples Wall Bench

The *Suples Wall Bench is designed to be used with the Suples *Gladiator Wall. It is a great tool to take your core training to the next level! The *Suples Wall Bench can be easily adjusted to different levels of inclines so you can move through circuit training exercises quickly and safely. If you have a Suples *Gladiator Wall, you will definitely want to add this accessory to allow you to add new routines and a great variety of training options to your workouts. You will be able to do core exercises in every plane of motion, with or without weights! With your *Suples Wall Bench you will get results!
Maximum weight capacity for the *Suples Wall Bench is 350 lbs (158 kg)

The *Suples Wall Bench offers a wide range of safe, effective, and innovative training routines when used with our:

  • Suples Bell
  • Bulgarian Bag
  • Wall Bar
  • Dip Bar
  • Pulleys
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