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SUPLES ® DUMMIES / Suples Dummy *Baby (Souvenir)

Suples Dummy *Baby (Souvenir)

Suples Dummy *Baby (Souvenir)
Synthetic Leather

The Suples Baby Souvenir Dummies are designed for a variety of fun novelty uses! The Suples Baby Dummy will be a wrestling souvenir for a lifetime and can be given to coaches, sponsors, parents, athletes, and even your little future champions at home!

We offer the Suples Baby Souvenir Dummies in “Freestyle” with two arms and two legs, and "Greco" with two arms and stump.



  •  Use to collect autographs from famous wrestlers
  •  Give as a gift for coaches /appreciation/service/award
  •  Use as special tournament award (MOW, MVP, Champion)
  •  Safe for your little toddler to wrestle and play around

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