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Suples Wall *Wood


Hight lights SUPLES WALL

“Every time I open a gym, the equipment I always install first, is the  *Suples Wall . This is the ‘backbone’ of the complete Suples Gym!”
The  *Suples Wall is designed to be used for a wide variety of functional training options such as: Flexibility (Suples Supple);
Isometrics (Suples ISO); and Strength & Conditioning (Suples SC).

The patented design of the  *Suples Wall allows it to be installed very closely to the building wall, which saves
space and fits in perfectly with the innovative equipment featured in the rest of the Suples Training Systems.

The vast assortment of available  *Suples Wall accessories will allow you to create a total gym system
which can be geared for training the most intense, world–class athletes, while also still safe enough
for introducing school-aged students to strength development exercises.

With the addition of its available accessories, the workouts on the  *Suples Wall can be easily designed
and modified to suit every type of training need, whether it be for sport-specific training for any sport or just overall general fitness!

Important: Please make a note that we have made improvement with the angle connection of the  *Suples Wall .
Each  *Suples Wall will come with a user friendly instructional guide and instructional exercise Video link from creator Ivan Ivanov.

If you are interested in multiple units, please contact us directly.

*88 inches tall and 35.5 inches wide.

*The wall will come with instructions on how to mount, assemble, and set it up.

The max load tested for the Suples Wall is 400 lbs.

 *1-year warranty for all nonleather products

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