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Suples Dummy *Bone

Suples Dummy *Bone for developing your mat or ground techniques!

Ivan’s Gut Wrench & Crotch Lift Dummy nick named “The Bone” is designed for developing specific strength for the following wrestling techniques; Gut Wrench, Front Head Lock, Crotch Lift, Leg Lace, Straight Lift, Reverse Lift and many other exercises that enhance an athletes flexibility and explosion. More experienced athletes can use The Bone Wrestling Dummy for upper body throws such as; Hip Throw and Body Lock Throws.

This wrestling dummy is a great piece of equipment for developing a strong grip, quick reaction, willpower, static strength and perfect drills for wrestling in parterre. The Bone wrestling dummy makes the drills competitive and brings out the desire and fun while developing excellent technique. “The Bone” is exciting and the work outs are fun.


  •  Has the option to be used alone or with a partner.
  •  Can be easily used with any of the Suples *H.I.R.T.S. Trainers with the waist belt. Waist Belt and the H.I.R.T.S bands can be connected to the Suples Dummy *Bone with the purpose of performing specific wrestling lifts for building power, strength and flexibility.


The unique Suples Dummy *Bone offers training options for variety wrestling techniques such as:
gut wrench, crotch lift, leg lace, straightlift, reverse lift and many other exercises that can be easily adopted to the sports specific training plan to a wrestler or a combat athlete. Suples Dummy *Bone can also be used in different competition challenges such as: One-on-One partner challenge or during team challenges, relay games etc.

  • Sharpens technical skills in wrestling.
  •  Offers sports-specific wrestling or combat sports strength and conditioning training.
  •  The Suples Dummy *Bone is included in our Strength and Conditioning Training Curriculum.

Suples Dummy *Bone
High Quality Genuine Leather

* 2 Year Warranty for all Genuine leather products

** Products been produced with tolerance +/-5 lbs

Suples Dummy *Bone
High Quality Vinyl

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

** Products been produced with tolerance +/-5 lbs

 Suples Dummy Accessories


  • Leg Shots with drive through
  • Duck under with lift (lifting the dummy off the mat)
  • Fireman’s Carry – knee drop (for this drill you need to adjust the stance of the dummy)
  • High Crotch explosive lifts
  • Double leg attacks with explosive lift

The Suples Harness is also very helpful to the Judo and Greco Roman athletes. They can drill their back steps and body attacks without executing throws.

The Harness packages comes with two Velcro pads that you need to put around the buckles after you install the Harness onto the dummy.

Note: The rope is not included with the harness package.

MMA/Mixed Marital Arts fighters can drill punches and kicks on the dummy when hanging in a Harness. The dummy is soft, flexible and durable enough to take hard punches and leg kicks. You can be safe using a Suples Dummy and Harness.


Approximately 50 minutes of instruction on several techniques of upper body throws and tie ups. This educational DVD will improve your footwork and help you learn how to set up for throws in any style of wrestling. Specially suited for wrestlers in folkstyle and freestyle.

Suples US Open Championship