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 *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless)

 *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) is professionally designed for both, short, intense interval training routines as well as longduration endurance training. It is designed for all upper-body use while emphasizing both, cardio and muscular endurance training. This model pulley accessory is built on the principle: "The harder you pull- the more resistance you will receive." With this principle in mind, this premium model *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) comes ready to perform to meet every need– from the intense training of world-class professional athletes down to the basic fitness development of young kids!

  • This top of the line *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) uses a state-of-the-art design manufactured with the highest grade professional quality mechanisms
  • The space-saving design of the Suples Wall and *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) combination allows you to keep the pulley accessory up high and out of the way—you won’t even know it’s there until you need to use it!
  • This Suples Wall and *Suples Wall Pulley (Endless) combination can be used with our specially designed Suples interval circuit workouts.
  • A sample training exercise done with this SUPLES WALL and PULLEY combination is the “Tabatha Routine,” which consists of 8 intervals of 20 seconds intense pulling with 10 seconds of rest time for a “super-burn” workout experience!
Price $1,250.00
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