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15% OFF for three Suples Walls

The Suples Wall offers a wide variety of accessories designed for specific training purposes with options for ANY level of training-- ranging from world-class athletes to fitness enthusiasts, down to physical education classes and kids!

  • Patented unique design, durable, and completely useful in any type offacility starting from Performance Training Centers down to Home Gyms!
  • Designed to be used in perfect combination with the rest of the Suples Training Systems: H.I.R.T.S., BULGARIAN BAG, SUPLES BALL, and SUPLES DUMMIES to elevate your training to the 21st century!
  •  Can be easily sized down or up based on personal preferences.
  •  The maximum test load of the Suples Walls is 400 lbs.
  •  The included E-Z mounting instructions will allow you to have your wall up using just ordinary household tools!

The Suples Wall itself can be used for a wide variety of pulling and pushing exercises along with exercises for developing flexibility, improving isometric strength, as well as for muscle-target training. The individual accessories will even offer you every possible training options you need which allows you to build your Suples Gym as you build your Suples body!

Use as a highly effective & innovative training tool for:

  •  Fitness
  •  Pre-training warm-up
  •  Muscle-targeting activities
  •  Muscle activation
  •  Rehabilitation
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