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Suples Championship

Suples US OPEN Championship Registration Form

Deadline: July 31st

Date: Sept. 21st & 22nd

Location: Mettle Sports Center

3001 Badger Dr.

Nampa, ID 83686

(Standard USA sizes, unisex)

Day 1 (Must be at least 12 years of age by date of competition.)

Day 2 (Must be at least 10 years of age by date of competition.)

*Competitors must be 16+ to participate in the Suples VIB Discipline*

Perform as many reps of the following 5 exercises in the allotted time. Suples Spin, Swing Squat, Suples Snatch, Squat Press & Spin-Arm Throw.

Team of 4 competitors race with the Suples Ball, Bulgarian Bag and Path Of Glory to finish with the fastest time to win the title for what category.

Perform as many Suples Spins as possible without dropping the Bag.



Original Bulgarian Bag Discipline

1st place - Gold Medal + Bulgarian Bag (the weight you competed with)

2nd place - Silver Medal + $100 Gift Certificate

3rd place - Bronze Medal + $75 Gift Certificate

Team Award - $300 Gift Certificate

(Is awarded to the team with the most points. Each team member contributes by their final results. Gold = 5pts, Silver = 3pts, Bronze 2pts, Bulgarian Bag Elite = 1pt)

Suples Ball, Path of Glory, and Bulgarian Bag Team Relay Discipline

1st place - Team Medal + $200 Gift Certificate

Suples VIB Discipline

Women's 1st place - 50lbs/22kg Bulgarian Bag + Suples Strong Champion T Shirt

Men's 1st place - 84lbs/38kg Bulgarian Bag + Suples Strong Champion T Shirt

Orig. Bulgarian Bag *Muscular Endurance Discipline

(Fill out this section if you are competing in the Original Bulgarian Bag Discipline.)

*Competitors competing in the Orig. Bulgarian Bag Muscular Endurance Discipline will receive a Suples Goody Bag including a t-shirt, massage ball, water bottle, towel, smartphone accessory, and more!*

Team relay

(Complete this section to register for the Team Relay)





Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Competitor 3

Competitor 4

*You must have 4 team members in order to complete registration.*

VIB Challenge

(Select the appropriate option if you are competing in the VIB Challenge)

*Competitors competing must be 16+. This discipline included heavy Bulgarian Bag weights. It is very highly recommended that all competitors have experience with the Bag weight they will be competing with.*

get your personal Suples US OPEN Championship photos!

Photographer logo

Suples US OPEN Championship "Photo Package" - $15.00

The “Photo Package” includes VIP access to ALL photos AND media collected from the event including YOU competing on the BIG stage.
JLH.Media, the Official Photographer of the Suples US OPEN Championship will be capturing the competition from the front row and will offer you VIP access to the content!

  • These images are yours and must be chosen within 60 days of the event.
  • What you can use the photos for
    • Print(s) that you plan to GIVE to a sponsor, family member, or print for your home.
    • The web uses to promote yourself
  • You CANNOT use these images for resale or advertisement for other agencies without written permission.

  • Ensure you have your Picture Pass bracelet visible at all times
  • Look out for our photographer and SMILE

Capturing your action during the Orig. Bulgarian Bag *Muscular Endurance Discipline

Capturing your action during the Suples VIB Challenge and your team’s action during the Suples Ball, Path of Glory, and Bulgarian Bag Team Relay

Capturing your action during the following disciplines:

  • Orig. Bulgarian Bag *Muscular Endurance Discipline
  • Suples Ball, Path of Glory and Bulgarian Bag Team Relay
  • Suples VIB Challenge

Exercise Release Form

competitor or guardian must complete the following exercise release from before beginning the bulgarian bag championships

assumption of risk

Photography/Model Release Form

Warning! Where applicable, if you are under 18, you must be registered by a parent or guardian.


You must be the parent or legal guardian to register someone under 18 years old.

Total Price: