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Suples Dummy *Power (Stump) Genuine leather

This model Suples Dummy *Power (Stump) is exclusively designed for the SAFE learning, practicing, & improving of upper body drills and throws.

● The long torso of this model Suples Dummy *Power (Stump) with NO legs allows faster “feet reset” to the
appropriate upright position before performing throws requiring back step techniques such as headlock, arm
throw, hip toss, etc., as well as more advanced techniques requiring back arches such as body lock, salto
throw, lateral drop, & duck under throws.
● The Suples Dummy *Power (Stump) is used for developing explosive power for all upper-body throws.
● The Suples Dummy *Power (Stump) is included in our Strength and Conditioning Training Curriculum.

 * 2 Year Warranty for all  leather products

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