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Mike Rocole

Location: United States


Mike is a life long fitness enthusiast. Mike has been a coach in variety of youth sports. He started training with Suples equipment to help his son with training for wrestling in 2011 and to keep his type II diabetes under control. We purchased and trained with Suples Bulgarian Bag for many years starting 2011. We immediately realized the great utility and benefit of using the Suples Training Systems. Mike competed in long distance cycling and a variety of old school functional training methods, however he and his son (and business partner) saw great utility in training functionally. Coaching and driven by the idea of a functional training company to help train wrestlers and all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, they together started and invested in the Rock Solid Functional Strength Training LLC. Soon to retire from his Hydraulic Engineering career he is re-dedicate himself to full time training of clients and is excited to do this with his son and partner.This brings a high level of energy and determination for success. At age 61, he is in the best shape of his life. Mike is ready to continue to learn and grow and share this fantastic versatile training system. Doing so with his partner and son Robbie makes him proud and ready to pass along the great instruction and enthusiasm and benefits of functional training with Suples excellent training tools and systems.  


  • Co-owner Rock Solid Functional Strength Training LLC
  • Certified Level 1 Bulgarian Bag
  • Certified Level II Bulgarian Bag 
  • Certified Level I Suples Ball
  • Certified USA Wrestling Copper Level Coach
  • Certified Steel Mace Coach 
  • USA wrestling Safe Sport Trained and Certified