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Mat Products / Wrestling Mat Covers

Wrestling Mat Covers

A complete wrestling mat consists of several wrestling mat elements and one wrestling mat cover. We have a selection of used wrestling mat covers in different colors, shapes, dimensions, and sizes. Ther is also the option to have your logo printed on the wrestling mat cover.

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Mat Covers


Our slightly used mat covers come in different sizes. Made from reinforced materials, Our professional vinyl mat covers are fungus, mildew, odor, mold, stain, moisture, and bacteria-resistant. As far as cleaning goes, there’s no need to use anything other than warm water and mild soap to keep them clean and in great condition. All of our vinyl mat covers have smooth flat seams and provide great footing and stability for a variety of sports and even fitness. Made with 18 ounces of vinyl-coated reinforced polyester fabric, our covers resist tearing, degradation, and other decomposition problems that often occur from excessive and long-term use. Our covers are seamless and allow for optimal use of space to enhance comfort, décor, and safety.

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