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Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) Genuine leather

The Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) is designed for leg drills as well as upper body throws. With a well-designed body structure along with the appropriate length of arms and legs, the SUPLES DUMMY (Legs) offers you the feel as if you are drilling with a realistic & reliable partner that is always ready for your workouts at anytime and any place.

● This model Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) is used for drilling all freestyle wrestling leg techniques, including: hi
crotch, single & double leg attacks, fireman’s carry, etc.
● Also suitable for all upper body techniques, including backstep moves: headlock, arm throw, & hip toss.
This model Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) also helps the athlete to SAFELY learn, practice & improve high
amplitude back-arch techniques such as body lock, salto throw, lateral drop, & duck under throws, etc. We
use the Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) for developing powerful shots and throws.
● The Suples Dummy *Power (Legs) is included in our Strength and Conditioning Training Curriculum

 * 2 Year Warranty for all  leather products

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