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Suples Frame Medium *Basic Package

*If you wish to accessorize/customize the Suples Frame Medium *Basic Package, email 
The SUPLES FRAME is the ULTIMATE gym addition or home gym set-up. The SUPLES FRAME is a home gym-style setup of Functional Strength Training Equipment that includes multiple functions for training technical skills in wrestling, MMA, judo, and all combat sports.
•7 feet, 1 inch tall
•7 feet, 5 inches long
•5 feet, 3 inches wide
Highlights of the SUPLES FRAME Medium *Basic Package:
• Adjustable angle of the Attacker 2 (dummy)
• Anchor Points
Elements of the Suples Frame Medium *Basic Package:
• Suples Attacker 2 
• Wrestling Mat
• Pull-Up Bar
• Anchor Points
Price $2,500.00