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Bulgarian Bag *Suples Fit - Vinyl Size L

Bulgarian Bag *Suples Fit

Available in 4 sizes, ranging from 11lbs/5kg to 37lbs/17kg

Based on our customers needs we have build a new model Bulgarian Bag, Called *Suples Fit. The idea about *Suples Fit is to bring something new to our Fitness Enthusiasts who care about color, convenience on the grip, also are always excited to try some new training ideas.

The Suples Fit Bulgarian Bags are slightly different from the Original Model of Bulgarian Bag. This is due to the structure of the bag, specifically, the side handles. The side handles on the Suples Fit Bulgarian Bag are made with an opening to which you can put your whole hand through, for a variety of different exercises along with the ones that the Original Model of Bulgarian Bag is known for!
*1 year warranty for all vinyl Suples Products

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