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The main purpose of the SUPLES ARENA is to improve wrestling performance in all three styles, but can also be of great benefit to other combat sports, such as Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, etc. Because of the limited amount of space within the ARENA, athletes are encouraged to perform more OFFENSIVE THROWS and ACTIONS.

The SUPLES ARENA also provides a safer environment for such actions due to its 8-inch thick foam perimeter. It is available in two different sizes. The S Suples Arena, which is 13ft/4m by 13ft/4m, and the L Suples Arena, which is 19.5ft/6m by 19.5ft/6m. Both sizes of the SUPLES ARENA are anti-slip and made of durable, high-quality foam and vinyl that will withstand being put to use every day.

*1 year warranty for all vinyl Suples Products

Price $4,195.00
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