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Climbing Rope (attached to the ceiling) length 23 feet/7 m and diameter 2"

Climbing Rope (attached to the ceiling) length 23 feet/7 m and diameter 2-GHVR3.jpeg
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The thickness of the Climbing rope is 2" and the standard length is 7 meters.
The material is: from outside Polypropylene silk and the core is made of Textile polyester.
- No Shedding
- Knots. Custom ropes give you more flexibility on knot placements.
- Will not tear up your hands
- Extra thick rope. The 1.5” thickness is bigger than most and improves hand strength, making this an excellent option for sport training.
Be Aware: Rope climbing can be dangerous!
Suples Training Systems do not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base of all climbing ropes.
All ropes and securing hardware should be checked regularly and replaced at the first sign of wear.
• End cap to prevent fraying for a lasting rope
• With the added benefit of a reinforced metal clamp providing a solid attachment point to any rig, bar or mounting bracket for easy installation.
(SUBJECT to what you are mounting this product to you can run it through itself, a chain or use a carabiner)
• Great grip that won't get sweaty mid-workout.
• Strong enough to tow a vehicle.

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