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*Suples Wall Belts (1 Pair)

Once you have the Suples *Suples Wall in your facility, the *Suples Wall Belts are a must-have training accessory for you!
This training device is specifically designed for use with the Suples *Suples Wall and will allow you to get creative with many innovative options for different pulling and pushing exercises.
Additionally, for those fitness enthusiasts who require some support when incorporating pull-up and chin-up exercises into your
routines, the *Suples Wall Belts will assist you to gradually build your strength. And for the advanced athlete who is seeking
more challenging variations of pull-up exercises, the *Suples Wall Belts let you push those limits as well!

* 1 Year warranty for all Suples accessory products.
* All Suples Wall accessories have been designed to fit with the Suples Suples Wall. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other products.

Price $99.00