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*Suples Wall Pulley (Friction)

This model *Suples Wall Pulley (Friction) is designed to be our most cost-effective pulley accessory, though it is just as functional as the other 2 advanced models offered in the Suples line of pulley accessories. Based on the principle of friction resistance, the workouts for upper-body interval training with this model pulley accessory are very effective. The options of changing resistance by weaving the climbing rope onto different pins inside the drum of this pulley accessory makes this device practical, functional, and very user friendly!

  • The *Suples Wall Pulley (Friction) is designed for easy installation and great durability and is an essential cost-effective accessory for your Suples Suples Wall.
  • The space-saving design of the Suples *Suples Wall and *Suples Wall Pulley (Friction) combination allows you to keep the pulley accessory up high and out of the way—you won’t even know it’s there until you need to use it!
  • This unique training device is beneficial to all levels of athletes from world-class down to basic fitness enthusiasts and kids!
  • Includes durable climbing rope 30 feet long and 1.25 inches in diameter.
Price $323.00