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Suples *Attacker -2

Suples Dummy *Attacker -2:

● Has 5 strategically placed elastic anchor points. This allows angled attacks resulting in
multi-dimensional reactions making The Suples Dummy *Attacker -2 feel almost human!
● Can be used to develop advanced skills in all styles of wrestling just like The Suples Dummy *Attacker -1!
● The Suples Dummy *Attacker -2 can be used with a gi for real Judo applications such as ippon seoi nage,
osoto gari, tai otoshi, and uchi mata!
● The Suples Dummy *Attacker -2 has a much faster “reset” to its original position in order to make speed
training more effective!
● The stability of the 5 elastic anchors makes The Suples Dummy *Attacker -2 not just as realistic, but even more
consistent than a human partner!
“Even though we call this dummy the Suples Attacker, remember, the ATTACKER must always be YOU!”

Suples Dummy *Attacker -2
(5 Combat Sports)
❖ Boxing
❖ Judo
❖ Kickboxing
❖ PLUS Wrestling!

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