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Suples *Attacker -1

Suples Dummy *Attacker -1:

● The professionally designed ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC ANCHOR POINT changes the reaction speed of
the dummy to give a more REALISTIC TIMING & FEEL to snap down set-ups to common leg attacks such
as double legs and hi & low singles as shown on our demo videos!
● The adjustable heavy heels/packages can be made lighter or heavier so when hitting a shot or body attack,
you can develop super-explosive power as you drive through! This makes The Suples Dummy *Attacker -1
much more effective & realistic when it comes to practicing set-ups & leg attacks as well as front head locks,
head position, arm drags, duck unders, backstep (throwing) skills, and many other wrestling techniques!
● The Suples Dummy *Attacker -1 can be adjusted to double the weight of a traditional dummy of the same size,
making it a more versatile training device for your different training goals or different levels of athletes!
“Even though we call this dummy the Suples Attacker, remember, the ATTACKER must always be YOU!”

Suples Dummy *Attacker -1 (Wrestling)

  •  Folkstyle
  •  Freestyle
  •  Greco-Roman

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