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Silvia Scomparin

Location: Ireland


While working full-time in the area of finance and asset management, Silvia is an active BJJ athlete, holding the rank of purple belt. She is the gold medalist of 2020 IBJJF European Championship in Female Purple Belt Master 1 category.  She is also the co-owner of Jungle BJJ Dublin.

After suffering a full ACL tear followed by a surgery and almost a year of post-op rehabilitation, Silvia decided to take her strength and conditioning to the next level in order to prepare her body for intense training and competition. This led her to Suples Training Systems, and she is keep on bringing its benefits to others who look to improve their physical fitness and wellbeing.


  • Bulgarian Bag Level 1 - Suples Fit
  • Bulgarian Bag Level 2 - Suples Strong
  • Suples Ball Level 1 - Suples Fit
Suples US Open Championship