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Mike Salemi

Location: United States


Mike Salemi's journey in strength & conditioning started at the age of 15 as a competitive Powerlifter. At 19, Mike became a WABDL World Champion in the Bench Press and Deadlift. Currently, as an avid Kettlebell Sport competitor, Mike is a Master of Sport in both Long Cycle & Biathlon, as well as a 2017 WAKSC World Champion (Long Cycle, 73kg Professional Division).

Back while working as a collegiate strength & conditioning coach, Mike received his first introduction to the power of the kettlebell, and shortly there after the Suples Bulgarian Bag. Both tools have become the cornerstones for how Mike trains himself, and his athletes - especially those involved in combat sports.

In over 10+ years as a coach and working alongside some of the greatest minds in health and performance, Mike has been able to create his own unique system of high performance training using a holistic model. Mike is incredibly passionate about teaching his system to those amateur and professional athletes seeking a more balanced approach towards achieving their sports related goals.

Mike has been a featured guest on top podcasts such as Ben Greenfield, ONNIT, and Mind Pump Media, as well as had his work featured in various magazines such as Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man Japan. Mike is also a presenter for the CHEK Institute, and has worked closely with one of his key mentors, Paul Chek.

Suples US Open Championship