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Suples Pro Instructors in Canada

Valentin Krastev - Canada ,Toronto, ON
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Valentin Krastev is a passionate martial artist. For the last 25 years he is practicing Kyokushin karate. He is a former fighter from the Bulgarian national team and won 2 silver medals from European Kyokushin Championships in heavy weight category. He is the head instructor and owner of Krastev Kyokushin Academy in Toronto, Canada. Except karate Valentin is eager about fitness. As a former athlete he spent many years in the gym to improve his muscle power, endurance and body conditioning. Now Senpai Krastev is sharing his experience and knowledge with his students in his dojo. He was really happy to find this excellent fitness tool called Bulgarian Bag. Valentin was impressed by the versatility of exercises that one can do with the bag. On top of that the bag is a great tool for individual and group training. In January, 2016 he was certified as a Bulgarian Bag Pro Instructor with Suples Master Ivan Ivanov. In addition to his karate classes Valentin is teaching Bulgarian Bag fitness class in his karate studio.