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History of Suples

Ivan Ivanov was brought from his home country of Bulgaria to the U.S. Olympic TrainingCenter TABLE OF CONTENTS in Colorado Springs, CO to work for USA Wrestling National Greco Roman Wrestling Program. After Ivan Ivanov coached at the U.S. Olympic Training Center for 2 years, he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to accept a full time coaching position at the Tree House Athletic Club. Coach Ivanov’s responsibility was to develop the youth wrestling program and to make them top competitors at the national level. Tree House Athletic Club was the biggest health and fitness club in the Salt Lake City area, but the equipment Coach Ivanov needed to have in the wrestling room was lacking and not adequate to finish the goals and objectives of taking the team to the national level. This prompted Coach Ivanov to get creative and develop the proper training equipment for the development of wrestling-specific strength and conditioning.

Coach Ivan’s young tigers from TAC Wrestling

Two years later in 2001 , Coach Ivan Ivanov again returned to coach Greco Roman Wrestling at the world level, taking over the head coaching position at the United States Olympic Training and Education Center in Marquette, Michigan. Ivan Ivanov served as a head Greco Roman Wrestling Coach from 2002 until 2009 and was able to develop multiple Worl d and Olympic medalists.

Coach Ivan Ivanov on the right side with his team from the United States Olympic Training and Education Center.

Coach Ivanov’s motivation was to develop equipment that fostered faster gains of high-level results, not only for strength and endurance, but specific technique skills. Wrestling dummies were the first equipment that Coach Ivanov developed specifically for his wrestlers. Coach Ivanov’s original idea was to have the equipment available right in the wrestling room, to be used on the mats without causing damage.

USA Greco Roman Wrestling Won the World Team Title in 2007 for the first time in U.S. History. Coach Ivan Ivanov contributed to the team title with 2 athletes from the Olympic Training Center in Marquette, MI. Justin Lester won bronze medal and Joe Betterman took 8th place. Photo: Coach Ivan Ivanov (on the right) with the U.S.A National Coaching Staff.

Coach Ivan Ivanov continued to develop equipment for athletes in training, and eventually created the Five Training Systems: Suples Wrestling Dummies, Gladiator Wall, H.I.R.T.S. (High Intensity Rope Training System), the Bulgarian Bag and the Bone Dummy

Pretty soon, Coach Ivanov was being asked to build his equipment for other coaches and teams, and notjust for wrestling. Coach Ivanov’s equipment became so widely respected that his wrestling dummies were selected by the Olympic Committee to be used by athletes in the 2012 London Games.

Coach Ivan Ivanov with his first line of complete Suples Wrestling Dummy’s in 2005.

United World Wrestling Inks Global Supplier Deal with Suples Training Systems

LOS ANGELES (June 13) – United World Wrestling on Saturday inked a multi-year deal with Suples Limited to become one of the federation’s global suppliers. The equipment company is most famous for developing the popular “Bulgarian Training Bag,” a piece of crescent-shaped exercise gear used in strength training programs worldwide.

The deal, which runs through 2018, also offers Suples and United World Wrestling the option to extend their partnership through 2020.

“Today is the beginning of what we hope will be a long-term partnership with Suples,” said United World Wrestling president Nenad Lalovic. “I’m also very proud to know that Suples is founded by a wrestler and excited to see how together we can help develop our sport around the world.”

“We are thrilled to have this recognition and to be granted an opportunity for partnership,” said Suples founder and president, Ivan Ivanov. “We now have a big responsibility to share our knowledge with coaches and educators and help to make our sport even better.”

Suples will provide equipment and their Suples Training System to nations around the world. The Suples Training System is a wrestling-specific program based on a philosophy of dynamic, sport-specific movements. Suples will also build on existing development strategies within United World Wrestling and consult with a variety of nations on how to improve their strength and conditioning programs for better on-the-mat results.

“We are confident that Ivan and his team of experts will add to our Development office’s ongoing work, and that all of our wrestlers - from grassroots to Olympic caliber – will enjoy healthy gains,” said Lalovic.