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Suples dummies were the very first in our product line of world-class training devices created in 2004 by world-class athlete and coach, Ivan Ivanov. The Suples dummies were originally designed to take wrestling performance to a new level of excellence then later adapted to be used effectively in other sports like: Judo, MMA, Grappling, and yes- even American football! Training with Suples dummies is NOT like training with any ordinary dummy-- Suples dummies were expertly designed by Coach Ivanov through his own years of training and studying of athletes to ensure precision and functionality. The expert design of our Suples dummies was NOT created just to practice basic techniques or to sit passively in the corner of your practice room like all other dummies, but to actually IMPROVE & ADVANCE your skills by giving a realistic feel & response while training, which makes this entire Suples product-line of sure to be used in your daily practice and training routines to provide the best outcomes!

SUPLES DUMMIES were designated the OFFICIAL TRAINING DUMMY of the 2012 Olympic Games
(London, UK)

These Elite Programs are ALL using not just ANY dummy, but SUPLES DUMMIES:

  • US Olympic Training Centers (Colorado Springs, CO. & Marquette, MI.)
  • US Army World-Class Athlete Training Center (Fort Carson, CO.)
  • USA Wrestling (Colorado Springs, CO., )
  • Bulgarian Wrestling Federation (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Finnish Olympic Training Center (Kuortane, Finland)
  • INSEP National Training Facility (Paris, France)
  • German National Training Facility (Hennef, Germany)
  • The European Wrestling Center (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Singapore Wrestling Federation
  • Centro Olympico Spanish Olympic Training Center (Madrid, Spain)
  • Indian National Wrestling Training Center (New Delhi, India)
  • Guatemalan National Wrestling Center (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
  • Serbian Wrestling Federation (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Danish Wrestling Federation (Broendby, Denmark)
  • Ukrainian Wrestling Federation (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Morocco National Training Center (MA-EL Jadida, Morocco)
  • Japanese Wrestling Federation (Tokyo, Japan)


Suples Dummy *Power (Legs)

Designed for all leg attack drills as well as powerful upper body throws. With a well-designed body structure along with the appropriate length of arms and legs, the SUPLES DUMMY (Legs) offers you a realistic & reliable partner that is always ready for your workouts at any time and any place.

L, M, S, XS - Genuine Leather
XL, L, M, S, XS, XXS, XXXS - Vinyl

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Suples Dummy *Power (Stump)

Exclusively designed for the SAFE learning, practicing, & development of powerful upper body drills and throws!

L, M, S, XS - Genuine Leather
XL, L, M, S, XS, XXS, XXXS - Vinyl

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Suples Dummy *Speed

Designed to allow athletes to perform a high volume (up to 3x the rate) of different techniques in speeds depending upon how well those techniques have been mastered.

XL, L, M, S, XS, XXS - Stump
XL, L, M, S, XS - Legs

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Suples Dummy *H.I.R.T.S. (Choke)

Specifically designed for multiple purposes, from sharpening technical skills to improving specific strength, conditioning, speed, muscular endurance, isometric strength, and flexibility specific to all wrestling and combat sports!

L, M, S, XS

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Suples Dummy *Bone

Offers training options for a variety of wrestling techniques such as: gut wrench, crotch lift, leg lace, straight lift, reverse lift and many other exercises that can be easily adapted to the sports-specific training plan to a wrestler or a combat athlete.

L, M, S, XS

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Suples Dummy *Attacker -1

Offers you the ability to practice multiple variations of techniques in all styles of wrestling: folkstyle, freestyle, Greco-Roman, and MMA grappling.

L, M, S, XS, XXS

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Suples Dummy *Attacker -2

Offers you the ability to practice ALL STYLES of WRESTLING skills in addition to BOXING, KICKBOXING, JUDO, & ALL the MARTIAL ARTS!

Adult size, Youth size

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Suples Dummy *Attacker -3

Designed for practicing the mechanics of the Back Step and Back Arch throwing techniques and condition bodies for better execution of specific techniques for wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and MMA.

L, M, S, XS

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Suples Dummy *Baby (Souvenir)

Designed as an individual or team gift/souvenir for collecting autographs, birthday wishes, get well wishes, etc.

4 lbs (2 kg)

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