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After inventing the original BULGARIAN BAG in 2005, nine years later, world-class athlete and coach Ivan Ivanov discovered another revolutionary training idea: The SUPLES BALL. As Coach Ivanov says, “The SUPLES BALL is just another evolution of the highly effective training system that brought you the original BULGARIAN BAG.” For those who already have experience training with the BULGARIAN BAG, Coach Ivanov highly recommends continuing the progress of this dynamic training by adding the SUPLES BALL!

According to Coach Ivan Ivanov, “Once you learn the BULGARIAN BAG exercises, it is a natural progression to learn the SUPLES BALL exercises,” and using both in your training routine will boost your training to the next levels: After the BULGARIAN BAG wears out your GRIP, then use the SUPLES BALL to exhaust your LUNGS! The core training exercises used with the SUPLES BALL are almost identical to the signature exercises designed by Coach Ivanov for the BULGARIAN BAG, which makes the learning process for the SUPLES BALL to be a much easier and faster adaptation for those who have already been training with the BULGARIAN BAG

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Add the SUPLES BALL to your coaching & training methods or

personal fitness routine and get SUPLES STRONG!


The entire SUPLES BALL product line works to complement all the advantages of BULGARIAN BAG training with additional functions that can be used to expand your training options!

  • Made of durable high-quality vinyl with vented technology.
  • Specially-designed sturdy, easy-grip strap handles to allow comfort and greater DYNAMIC ROTATIONAL exercises during faster and more dynamic training modes.
  • Easy-change adjustable & removable handles allow different uses of the SUPLES BALL (even as a traditional medicine ball.)
  • Offered in a wide variety of weight and size options for ANY level of training ranging from world-class athletes to fitness enthusiasts, down to physical education classes and kids!


The SUPLES BALL is a great tool to further develop skills associated with SPEED, POWER, COORDINATION, CARDIO, and MUSCULAR ENDURANCE!

  • Use for highly effective pre-practice or pre-competition warm-up.
  • Can be used for HIGH-INTENSITY interval training.
  • Use for SAFE methods of speed & power development
  • Use for cardio-conditioning workouts to increase endurance.
  • Use for muscle activation before practice or competition
  • Expertly-designed activities & curriculum for all levels: from WORLD-CLASS down to GYM CLASS!
  • The SUPLES BALL is included in the Suples Strength and Conditioning Training Curriculum

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