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H.I.R.T.S. *Suples Strong (6-in-1) Light (Yellow) (Each band has 15lbs of resistance)

Stretchable bands (or tubing) resistant training has always been one of my favorite ways to build functional strength. My idea of creating the H.I.R.T.S. ® trainer came mostly from wanting to experience rope climbing training methods, even when a traditional rope climbing system was not possible. The H.I.R.T.S. can effectively train the same upper body muscles involved during hanging rope climbing and even more when using additional attachments. A great tool for total body workouts, the H.I.R.T.S. trainer can be adjusted to deliver multiple levels of training resistance. The H.I.R.T.S. trainer can be set to train athletes of all levels. Easily adjustable resistance, great muscle targeting exercises, and tough dynamic exercises. Created for training Olympians.

One of the most important functions of the H.I.R.T.S. *Suples Strong which I value as a coach is: from one single unit you can set up to 4 workout stations and train up to 4 athletes at the same time by having them all do different exercises.

With its portability the H.I.R.T.S. *Suples Strong is excellent equipment for indoor and outdoor training.

Be Suples Strong!
Ivan Ivanov

Price $442.00
Suples US Open Championship