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Bulgarian bag® - Suples Strong model

Patented: U.S. Patent #D615137 | Europe Patent #001545625-0001 & 0002

New design

The new and innovated Bulgarian Bag model called Suples Strong is designed to take your Bulgarian Bag training to a whole new level. The new handle design will help you practice movements which are difficult to perform on the original model.

The new strap handles will also help your grip to last longer when practicing your dynamic exercises.

Free Carry bag

Bulgarian Bag Suples Strong comes with its own Carry bag to help you transport and store your Bulgarian Bag Suples Strong Model.

Adjustable weight

This new Bulgarian Bag model is designed to offer you different grip options, changeable weights and a greater variety of exercises. Being able to quickly adjust the weight of each bag gives you the option to fit two bag sizes in one Bulgarian Bag.

For example: X-Small 1 1 lbs-Small 1 7lbs, Small 1 7lbs-Medium 26lbs, & Medium 26lbs-Large 37lbs.

Bulgarian Bag® Suples Strong all sizes

High quality material

Made out of high quality genuine leather, these bags are super strong and durable. Now is the time to test yourself and see if you are Suples Strong!

* 2 Year Warranty for all Genuine leather products

Suples Strong bag Medium - Large
(26-37 lbs)


shipping $30.00

Suples Strong bag Small - Medium
(17-26 lbs)


shipping $25.00

Suples Strong bag X-small - Small
(11-17 lbs)


shipping $20.00

The Bulgarian Bag® comes with an instructional DVD to get you started and carry bag. Each DVD has demonstrations of proper use and demos of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov.

Bulgarian Bag® Suples Strong Fit

Bulgarian Bag Fitness Training

The new and innovated Bulgarian Bag model, Suples Strong Fit, is designed to give you more training options. Besides the adjustable weights and grip options, the Suples Strong Fit model now offers the elastic bands, which is a great way to break the monotony of the traditional Bulgarian Bag workout. Also, if color coding is important to you or your training program, then consider this model. "Never treat your athletes like robots, but continue to bring new training routines to them." – Suples Master Ivan Ivanov

Resistance bands

This Bag will also come with the resistance bands that come with the Original Suples Fit Bulgarian Bag. The Suples Strong Fit Model is every Bulgarian bag we created in one. This is a must have!

Suples Strong Fit L - XL
(37 - 44 lbs)


shipping $35.00

Suples Strong Fit M - L
(26 - 37 lbs)


shipping $30.00

Suples Strong Fit S - M
(17 - 26 lbs)


shipping $25.00

Suples Strong Fit XS - S
(11 - 17 lbs)


shipping $20.00

The Bulgarian Bag® comes with an instructional DVD to get you started. Each DVD has demonstrations of proper use and demos of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov.

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

Bulgarian Bag® other products

DVD: Bulgarian Bag® Routines: Speed and Power, Muscular Endurance

In this video you will see how the Creator of the Bulgarian Bag, Ivan Ivanov, is getting the most out of the Bulgarian Bag. You will be able to see different methods for training with the Bulgarian Bag. For the first time Coach Ivan is demonstrating how to train speed and power with Bulgarian Bags. You will see on this video how Coach Ivan is training and Coaching one of his top Suples instructors Nick Stanchev.

DVD: Bulgarian Bag Routines: Speed and Power, Muscular Endurance


shipping $7.00

DVD: Bulgarian Bag® Routines DVD

On this video Coach Ivan Ivanov presents one of his favorite training routines for upper and lower body muscular endurance. First, he demonstrates his "coaches style" workout or, in other words, his workout that is "nice and easy" when comparing the workout to his typical Olympic level training. It's a great workout for any level of athlete. Later on in the film, Coach Ivan continues his Bulgarian Bag workout with resident athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. This workout is intended for the higher level athlete. This routines DVD is great for both athletes and coaches of any level to learn how to use their bag more effectively.

Bulgarian Bag Routines DVD


shipping $7.00

Bulgarian Bag® Exercise Poster

Great tool for all Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches. The photos with the text below will help you to follow the proper steps with your Bulgarian Bag training

Bulgarian Bag Exercise Poster


shipping $5.00

Bulgarian Bag Exercise Poster


shipping $5.00


Suples T-shirts

Pick up your very own Suples Trained T-Shirt! Now you can make a statement and let everyone know that you are Suples Trained. This shirt has our signature Suples Logo on a Black base and comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

Ladies, it is finally here! Your very own Women's fit Suples Trained T-Shirt. This T-Shirt of course has our signature Logo and is available in Black & Red. It comes in Small, Medium, and Large. Show everyone that you are a Woman who is Suples Trained!

T-shirt - Dry Fit - Unisex


shipping $6.00

Youth T-shirt - Black


shipping $6.00

Adult T-shirt - Black


shipping $6.00

Woman T-shirt - Red


shipping $6.00

Woman T-shirt - Black


shipping $6.00

Suples Hat

Suples Hats - Black


shipping $8.50