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The Art of Wrestling with the Bag

By Suples Master, Ivan Ivanov

If you really want to understand what the Bulgarian Bag is all about, my reply to you will be this: First, learn how to wrestle with the bag, and you will find the answer.

The exercises done with the Bulgarian Bag are easy to learn, but hard to master.

When I do my seminars, workshops, demonstrations, and courses, the time I spend talking about how to do simple exercises such as curls, shoulder press or squats is very limited. Most of the time during a Bag session, I will focus on teaching the dynamic Bulgarian Bag exercises. Once you master the dynamic exercises, then you will be prepared to “wrestle” and “beat” the bag.

Until you actually start using the bag, you will not know what I mean when I say “wrestling with the Bag.” This direct correlation between training with the Bulgarian Bag and wrestling with a real person on the mat motivated me to create the Bulgarian Bag Training System. Training movements similar to those we do in wrestling are a huge benefit to our functional strength training, which will help us train muscles we never knew we had! It will improve our motor skills which are greatly needed not only in wrestling, but in our daily life activities. Until you grab the bag and do a work out, you will not have an idea of what Bulgarian Bag training is truly all about.

Here at Suples, we have set high standards with our Bulgarian Bag training. Every exercise is designed with a specific purpose. It is mandatory to first understand this purpose along with our goals of training in order to understand the concept of the Bulgarian Bag. Substantial understanding of the proper exercises with the Bulgarian Bag will help you to accomplish much more effective workouts and will also help eliminate the chance of potential injuries.

The knowledge of using more muscle groups towards a major movement is one of the biggest challenges of the Suples training. The Bulgarian Bag is the perfect training tool to recruit more muscles while exercising. The typical Bulgarian Bag work out, done with the dynamic training exercises, does not compete with the overall mass and size which can be gained from weight lifting. However, The Bulgarian Bag strives to improve your muscular endurance and functional strength; therefore, serving as a great tool in bringing the two different ways of building strength into a great balance. The muscle target training done on machines or with free weights can quickly build the size and muscle mass, however, muscle target training should be followed by Bulgarian Bag Training to balance out brute strength and mass and focus on functional strength and motor skills.

Three Suples rules to live by:

  • Learn the movements - then master them.
  • Set realistic goals in order to increase your quantity of reps per workout.
  • Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Suples Spin, Suples Snatch, and Suples Arm Throw are a few of the very best Bulgarian Bag Exercises which will teach you how to wrestle with the Bag. So many muscle groups are engaged during these exercises, providing great benefit to your overall physical shape. To the Suples standard, very few people can master the dynamic Bulgarian Bag exercises as the ones mentioned above (Spin, Snatch, and Arm Throw). The key is to first learn the regression exercises, then move to the next level and practice the dynamic exercises. After only a few workouts with the Bulgarian Bag, you will feel the benefit.

Train harder than the rest, always do your best, pursue relentlessly, and just have fun.

Be Suples Strong!

Expect to Win!

Suples Master,

Ivan Ivanov