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Testimonials - Bulgarian Bag

Martha Stewart

Dear Stephen and Ivan,
Thank you very much for being on the show. You were a great guests! I loved the new Bulgarian bags and kettle bell. They will be perfect for my home gym. I look forward to seeing you again.


Adam Wheeler - Olympic Bronze Medalist

When I started using the Bulgarian Bag I was instantly impressed. I felt like I got a better workout in just 20 minutes than I did with hours in the Gym.

I also noticed that every time I did a power bag workout I was stronger and I had more energy than ever before. I soon realized that this was the best workout that I have ever used, this more than anything else helped in my preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. In the Olympics I felt that I had more energy and I had more endurance then ever before. I thank the Bulgarian Bag for my success. I also have four national personal training certifications, and this is the number one workout that I recommend to all my clients. If you are serious about your fitness level whether you are an Olympic athlete, or just trying to stay in shape, I recommend everyone gets a Bulgarian Bag

Aaron Guy | NASM- CPT,PES | KBC Kettlebell Instructor

Just wanted to let you know that I came across your Bulgarian Power Bags on the Internet one day. I became intrigued as I highly support functional training with all of my client base. I have since ordered a set of 4 and could not be happier. These are great and I love working with them as do many of my clients. One of my clients in particular has been working with me for nine months now and has successfully lost 100 lbs. This client also happens to work for Oprah and has bloged about her entire weight loss journey with me on I have since incorporated your bags into her workout as a fun and exciting new challenge. I thought you might enjoy reading her most recent post on that details the Bulgarian Power Bag!! Enjoy! Read the article on Oprah's Blog

Eddie Clark - Star Valley High Coach

We have incorporated the Bulgarian Bags into our workouts 2 days per week. We split practice with half out kids swinging the bags and the other half are wrestling. It is an excellent workout. Our kids are like yours they love & hate it. We think it is time well spent. Great conditioning without all of the wear and tear on the body.

Steve Maxwell - Master Trainer Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 2nd degree, 4x BBJ Pan American Jiu Jitsu Champion Strength & Conditioning, Maxercise Inc.

I have been using your Suples throwing dummy and Bulgarian Bag for several months. They are two of the best sports specific training aides that I have ever used. The weight, balance and rugged construction of your throwing dummy is second to none. Our judo and Jiu Jitsu students work the dummy with a jacket on it and my submission wrestlers use it jacket free. The dummy is very versatile, I have seen a major improvement in my submission drills, such as arm locks.

The Bulgarian training bag is also a great sport specific conditioning device for all grappling sports. The training bag adds a lot to classic exercises and makes them more challenging. But there are a lot of very unique drills that can only be done with this bag. I would recommend the Bulgarian throwing dummy and training bag to grapplers of any style. Thanks again for introducing there fine products here in the US.

Dennis - Suples Customer

Ivan, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. You are an athlete's thinking Coach and a visionary with your unique training equipment and training style. I can't believe how quickly both my orders for the Bulgarian Training Bag and the Large Judo Throwing Dummy were shipped out to me here on the West Coast of Canada. The quality of these two well made durable leather functional training aids plus the informative DVD's went beyond my expectation. These are all a MUST HAVE for anyone serious about improving their overall conditioning and training. EFFICIENT CONDITIONING and REAL APPLIED FUNCTION! The movements with the training bag are fluid and very intense. The more I pushed myself, the more the training bag pushed me. This is one very versatile overall training aid that will not only up my conditioning but challenge my will too.

Love the throwing dummy! Finally! Someone I can pick up, leg sweep, throw and slam down competitively over and over and over. Full explosive movements on a very tough, proportioned, well designed throwing dummy. A training partner being picked up, leg swept and thrown is all part of training, but to be forcefully slammed onto the Judo mat upon completion of a technique is NOT something anyone, including myself, would like done to them repetitively. FULL FORCE THROWS! You just have to love this!

Thanks again for the great service and even greater products to help improve both my conditioning and techniques. I am looking forward to any more products you will be offering in the future. I will highly recommend your great products and web site, all the Best to you, your wife and your staff in the New Year.

Jeremy Manor - Suples Customer

I received my 26lbs leather Bulgarian bag this week and I must say THANK YOU! It is a wonderful product and has exceeded my expectations in every way. The quality of the bag is higher than I expected. The workouts are near spiritual and brutally effective.

You can feel the love that went into the creation of this meaningful product.

I pray you sell millions of these bags. Simply wonderful.

Johnny Nunez - Professional MMA Fighter

Using the Suples Training system has been key in training for my MMA fights. I use the Bulgarian bag, Bulgarian Ball as well as the HIRTS trainer though out my whole 8-10 week training camp. For some of my workouts I will take my Bulgarian Bag up to a mountain top and use it as a tool for weighted climbing and then do a workout at the top of the mountain. I travel a lot for training and I love that I can just put the HIRTS bands in my backpack and take it where ever I go and still get an intense workout with them. The Suples Training System has increased my MMA skills to not only make my grip strength stronger, but it has made me more agile in movements only used in MMA (wrestling). In my gym, Extreme Couture Las Vegas Randy Couture wanted to implement the system into our team training as well.

I use the system to train my athletes and my clients as well. Everyone loves it. Not only is this a great product there is a genuine team that stands behind it, like Bridgette who is always willing to show new technique and workouts.

Thank you so much for introducing the Suples Training Systems to me, I believe this system is going to bring my athleticism to the next level.