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Testimonials - Suples Dummies

Kendall Cross - Olympic Champion

I love having the dummy for my son to practice his low single on. It's great for young kids to have a dummy like this. So if a partner is no where to be found my son can still train. He is not big enough to train with me yet, but that time is coming soon. I endorse the dummies because they are durable and made of soft leather. So I am sure that my son will not be injured by the dummy or having it fall apart is not a concern.

Steve Fraser - Olympic Champion

I think the Bulgarian throwing dummy is a critical part of any serious wrestler, free style, greco, or folk style. It's a great way to work on technique until you have had enough. I make the national team athletes work with the dummies as much as possible. We even have competitions on who can achieve the highest number of throws in a allotted amount of time. It's a great product very well made and will out last any wrestlers career.

Rulon Gardner - Olympic Champion

I have used the Bulgarian throwing dummies in my training and it give you a great workout. It allows you to achieve a high heart rate without the head banging of wrestling against another opponent. Sometimes you need to do some cross training that is specific to your sport and for wrestling it's using the throwing dummy. Sometimes when I couldn't find a partner I would just workout with the dummy for about an hour and get a great workout and work my technique. The best thing about the dummy is that you never hear, don't throw me so hard it's hurts.

Hugh M. Suenaga - USAW Coach

We have used your Bulgarian Olympic Throwing Dummy for many years now and I can say from experience; not only are your products of superior quality, but my sons' results driven performance has accelerated remarkably.

As a Father, I treasure the time that I can spend bonding with my sons, one-on-one, & keeping our workouts fun even when there are no partner's to drill with. In fact, I spend a lot of extra, after practice hours with my boys. Not only has this helped add perfection to their techniques, but it has taught them the value of hard work and "going the extra mile," to become champions not only on the mat but also in life.

The Bulgarian Throwing Technique DVD's are a valuable resource from which to measure our progress, and refer back to repetitiously pick up the finer points that could other wise go unnoticed. Thank you again for caring so much about my kids, and promoting excellence in the great Sport of Wrestling.

John Mata - Surfside USA Wrestling, Coach - Huntington Beach, CA

Since practicing with the Bone and the Bulgarian Throwing Dummies it has improved our technique in gut wrenches, upper body drills, and throws. In April 2007 we competed in the California State Greco tournament walking away with two gold medals, five silver, and two bronze. These two products are the best and I highly recommend them!

Parker Miller, 119lb Cadet, Surfside USA Wrestling Club CA State Greco Champion

"Training with the bone really increased my turning power!