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Suples Pro Instructors in USA

Name: Chris Robinson

Location: San Diego, California

Contact: ph# 858-220-1008; email:

Chris Robinson brings great passion and an endless energy for fitness and conditioning. Chris was inspired and certified by the Inventor of Bulgarian Bags, Ivan Ivanov to Master Trainer Suples Strong level. He was also certified by Pilates legend Romana Kryzanowska, whom he directly apprenticed with. He continues his Pilates education with Master Instructor Jay Grimes, who was also a student of Joseph Pilates. His love for fitness and top level professional experience in proper mechanics has garnered clients of all levels including professional athletes, private clients, teachers, apprentices and even Oprah Winfrey, for whom he acted as her personal core coach. Chris is the author of “The Core Connection” and was a collegiate track and field athlete at San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in kinesiology and he has since lived every day in constant pursuit of peak performance. Chris owns and operates the S6 Fitness Gym in San Diego, California. His work is in high demand as he travels the world sharing his elite skills in proper movement mechanics. He is a lifelong athlete and fighter, also a two-time Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion. He continues his many years of training with the legendary Saekson Janjira, a Master Muay Thai Teacher and 7 time World Champion.


Name: Dimitar "Mitko" Georgiev

Location: Boise,Idaho

Contact: ph#208-982-7544; email:

Current City: Boise,Idaho
Suples Training Systems-Bulgarian Bag,Certification Level Suples Strong.
Studied at NSA"Vasil Levski" Sofia /Class 2009-2014
Degree: Freestyle Wrestling Coach/Sports Teacher
Bulgarian Nationals Freestyle Athlete at 66kg
Bulgarian National Champion-Junior at 66kg 2005
World and European Team Member-Junior at 66 kg 2005
Bulgarian National Champion-Senior 2005,2009 at 66kg
European Team Member-Senior 2009

Joe Chalakee

Joe Chalakee is not new to training. Prior to founding Kettlebells South Bay and teaching kettlebells in the Torrance he started working out with kettlebells in August of 2007. Originally, his kettlebell workouts focused on improving his performance in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In time, he expanded his use of kettlebells for, cardiovascular conditioning, and enhanced strength and endurance.

Joe expanded his interest in kettlebell training into formal education settings designed to promote specialized knowledge in the subject. In December of 2007, Joe began training with Dr. Mark Cheng, Sr RKC, an expert in the Russian Kettlebells Challenge (RKC) and the founder and Head Instructor of Kettlebells Los Angeles.

After a year of intensive study, Joe became a RKC-Certified Kettlebell Instructor in August 2008 under Pavel Tsatsoline. This has allowed his leadership of Kettlebells South Bay to follow the same established system of proper instruction as found in the RKC.

Joe expanded his teaching credentials to include the growingly popular Battling Ropes training by attending John Brookfield’s Battling Rope Certification in August 2010. In July 2011 he attended and passed Josh Henkin’s D.V.R.T. Certification and in 2013 was asked to join DVRT Mater Trainers.  In November of 2011 Joe earned his Certified Indian Club Specialist certification with StrongFirst Chief Instructor Brett Jones. January 2012 he added the TRX Instructor to his qualifications as a trainer. Later that year he would receive his SFG level 1 Kettlebell instructor certification.  In July 2014 he added Suples Fit Bulgarian Bag Certified Instructor and October 2016 Suples Pro Instructor with Ivan Ivanov.

Joe has been teaching kettlebells to hobbyists, martial artists, and fitness enthusiasts. In addition to his fitness training certifications, he holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Andre Vasconcellos of the Carlson Gracie Team and a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate from James Yabe Sensei 8th Dan.

Joe is also a former professional BMX racer with ten years of experience.  He offers beginner, intermediate and advanced training.  He is also available for private and small group training.


RKC Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor 2008

Battling Ropes 2010

DVRT Level 1 and 2  2011,  

Certified Indian Club Specialist 2011

TRX 2011

StrongFirst SFG Level 1 2012

DVRT Master Instructor 2013

Bulgarian Bag Suples Fit 2014   

Suples Pro 2016


Name: Joe Uccellini

Location: N.Y. 12180

Contact: ph# (518) 603-2968; email:

Owner Curby 3-Style Wrestling Club
US Greco-Roman All-American
2x World Team Trials Qualifier

  • 1 National Champion.
  • 4 US Open All-Americans.
  • 3 Fargo All-Americans.
  • 2 NYS Champions.
  • 9 NYS Place Winners


Name: Ken Blackburn

Location: Fenton, MI

Contact: email:

An all around fitness and martial arts training expert, Ken Blackburn is a Suples Pro Trainer and the International Team Leader/Head Master Trainer with the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation.

His background in the martial arts has created a unique approach to training where the emphasis is on balanced conditioning while developing high levels of mobility and athleticism.

Ken is the North American Record Holder in the Kettlebell Chair Press.

Ken is widely considered to be amongst the most successful kettlebell sport coaches in North America. He has coached more athletes to CMS (Candidate Master of Sport) and MS (Master of Sport) than any other coach in the country.

Along with his local team in Fenton, MI, he does online training/programming for athletes all over the world in locations such as Australia, Norway, Netherlands, Brazil, etc.

Ken is part of the writing staff for BJJ Weekly and you can view his articles via their free app on your phone or tablet.


Name: Reece Killebrew

Location: Albuquerque,New Mexico

Contacts: ph# 505-720-1189; email:

Reece Killebrew owns and operates three UFC Gyms in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. Reece began coaching because he passionately believes in the life-changing benefits of fitness. His goal as a fitness coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes and overcome any self-doubt or perceived limitations. Reece has a background in kickboxing and bodybuilding, but is most passionate about functional fitness. His degrees and certifications include: B.A. Sociology, M.B.A. Business Administration NASM CPT, TRX,TRIGGERPOINT THERAPY, ROCKTAPE FMT, CROSSFIT KETTLEBELL, USA OLYMPIC LIFTING, IKFF KETTLEBELL LEVEL 1 & 2, SUPLES BULGARIAN BAG LEVEL 1 & 2, DOTFIT NUTRITION, ONNIT STEELMACE SPECIALIST Albuquerque the Magazine Best Personal Trainer 2010,2011,2013,2016 Albuquerque the Magazine Top 5 Best Personal Trainer 2012, 2014 Reece was introduced to the Bulgarian Bag through his mentor and kettlebell coach, Ken Blackburn. He was instantly impressed with the way the Bulgarian Bag complimented kettlebell training, Olympic lifting and martial arts. He also found that the Bulgarian Bag programming helped improve his core functionality, lower back health, hip and shoulder mobility and overall grip strength. He is excited to teach Bulgarian Bag courses to not only elite athletes and martial artists, but the general fitness enthusiast. He can’t wait for the world to know what it means to be SUPLES STRONG!


Name: Timothy Donald, Jr.

Location: Jacksonville,Florida

Contact: ph# 904-370-4095; email:

Timothy Donald, Jr. contributes hard work and disciple to the fitness arena. His focus stems from military experience in the Marine Corp. Timothy also emulates an undeniable light of passion with every workout he performs. A Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Temple Builders Fitness Center in Jacksonville, FL, Timothy continues to evolve in the fitness field. He is trained and personally certified by the Inventor of Bulgarian Bags, Ivan Ivanov as Master Trainer Suples Strong Level and currently working to earn his Bachelors’ Degree in Exercise Science. Timothy demonstrates a sincere love for developing his body as a Temple of God. He further enjoys helping others do the same, especially high school athletes and men ages 30 to 60. Not only for the benefits of fitness but also in creating Spiritual balance in the mind, body and soul. Building relationships with men, young and old through fitness gives Timothy great fulfillment and an avenue to share the Gospel. He believes this is the Godly call on his life and gives all his energies to doing just that. Under Timothy’s Leadership as Director, the Mission of Temple Builder’s Fitness Center is shared with every person he comes in contact with; Transforming Bodies to Glorify God.