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Suples Pro Instructors in Denmark

Claus Staun
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Claus Staun is a former Navy Seal (Frogman) from Denmark. His whole life has been about functionel training and working with the right tools to prepare him for the tasks his work required. Being mentally and physically fit is a "must" for Claus. "You will only stay mentally fit, if the physical fitness is as you want it to be. But remember: it dosen´t hurt if you have a little fun during the way", Claus says.

Claus from first started to train with the bulgarian bag in 2012. He was so excited about the tool and the results he got from it, that he contacted Ivan Ivanov and told him how he felt about it. Ivan offered him to come to his country (Denmark) to show him more about the tools possibilities.

Ivan arrived in Denmark to meet Claus late 2013 and things exploded from there. Ivan has been in Denmark 3 times during the last 3 years to educate Claus on the different Suples Training tools, and shown him how to teach others in how to work the tools. Since then, Claus has started his own company that exclusively represents Suples Training Systems.

Contact Claus if you are in Denmark and want to train or learn more about Suples Training Systems -