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Suples Pro Instructors in Austria

Nayden Valchev
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Nayden Valchev has had a great passion for sports since his years as a school kid. He has experience in different types of sports - from Jeet-Kune-Do and box to swimming and water ball. After he graduated the High School in his hometown Ruse, Nayden moves to live and study in Sofia. At this time Nayden starts working out on a regular basis and focuses on strength and bodyweight training in order to develop his physical skills. As he gets his Bachelor degree in geography he moves to Vienna, Austria to continue his education. This new enterprise brings major changes in Naydens life. In Vienna he comes across different people and events, the new culture has a great positive impact on his life and becomes even more active. He rediscovers his passion for functional training and working out becomes a part of his life to the extent that he decides to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience in the sports sector. In 2014 Nayden gets to know the Bulgarian Bag and is absolutely fascinated with this training tool and the great benefits of the Bulgarian Bag training. He was able to develop his skills with the training tool and to improve his agility, strength, endurance and dexterity. With his fascination for the Bulgarian Bag and the other Suples training systems, he contacted Ivan Ivanov and after some time of communication with him, the project Kraft Point was born. In 2015 Nayden makes the Certification Course Suples Fit with the Suples Master Nikolay Stanchev and starts actively promoting the training with the Bulgarian Bag. 2016 was Kraft Point, the Austrian representative of Suples Ltd. officially a fact, parallel with the promotion of the Bulgarian Bag and the other Suples Training Systems Nayden began the building of the website, online platform and shop for functional training equipment. In 2017 Nayden made the next level of the Suples Certification Course level Suples Strong personally with Ivan Ivanov. Nayden is motivated to expand his business and to spread the Bulgarian Bag and the other Suples equipments among training enthusiasts and professional Athletes .