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Suples® other products

Suples® Leather and Fit bell

Produced with high-quality workmanship, the Foeldeak LeatherBell® made by Suples leaves nothing to be desired. Once you've handled a LeatherBell® and performed the first exercises, you are immediately aware of the amazing exercise device you're holding. No flashy electronics, no high-tech gadgets – it's simplicity at its finest.

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Suples® Spartan Bar

Your core strength affects everything you do, literally. It is involved in almost every movement of the human body. Whether it be a tennis player swinging a racquet, a golfer swinging a club, or just bending over to pick up a package. It is the stable link that connects your lower and upper body; all movements either stem from, or pass through, your core.

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Suples® Rope-Snake Trainer

A description of our new trainer will arrive shortly. In the meantime, please view the videos below.

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Suples® Gi Vest

The Gi Vest is a great accessory for your Bulgarian Bag. It is a must have if you are into Judo or Jiu Jitsu. The Gi Vest is made with high quality Gi material that is attached to the vest, this allows you to have two extra handles on your Bulgarian Bag and changes the side handles to side Gi handles. ivest

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Suples® Gi Rope

The Gi Rope is a great accessory that goes with the HIRTS Suples Strong model and the HIRTS Climber. The GI Rope comes with 2 H.I.R.T.S Resistance Bands and an Anchor Belt .

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Suples® Head harness

This Head Harness is specially designed to work with the Bulgarian Bag Original, Suples Strong and Suples Fit Models. If you already have the Bulgarian Bag and you wish to increase the strength on your neck muscles, your will love the Suples Head Harness. This tool it's a must have for all the combat athletes.

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Wrestling mats

A complete wrestling mat consists of several wrestling mat elements and one wrestling mat cover. We offer wrestling mat elements in many different qualities.

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Suples T-shirts

Pick up your very own Suples Trained T-Shirt! Now you can make a statement and let everyone know that you are Suples Trained.

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Suples® Souvenir Dummy

The Suples Baby Souvenir Dummies are designed as an individual or team gift/souvenir.

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