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Nayden Valchev

Location: Austria


I`ve been passionate for sport and movement since my childhood years, having practiced many different sports on a hobby level.

In 2010, I started practicing different variations of strength and endurance training. In 2014, I stumbled upon the Bulgarian Bag and the Suples Training Systems, and since then I have incorporated them into my trainings. In February 2015, I completed a training course with Suples Master Nik Stanchev and gained a Bulgarian Bag Level 1 Trainer Certificate. In April 2015, I participated in Suples Training Systems Workshop in Aschaffenburg Germany led by Ivan Ivanov Suples Founder. In January 2017 I participated in Bulgarian Bag Trainer course in Barcelona Spain lead by Ivan Ivanov and gained a Bulgarian Bag Level 2 Trainer Certificate.

In 2016, I established my own company and started officially representing Suples in Austria.

Since then, I have been promoting the Suples Training Systems in Austria, leading multiple Bulgarian Bag workshops, training many people and conducting the Bulgarian Bag Trainer Certificate Level 1 for several people in Austria.

I speak fluently, Bulgarian, English, and German and can conduct trainings and workshops in all 3 languages!        


  • Suples Level 1 Bulgarian Bag
  • Suples Level 2 Bulgarian Bag
  • Suples Pro-level Instructor

*Some restrictions may apply.