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Timothy Donald, Jr.

Location: United States


Timothy Donald, Jr. contributes hard work and disciple to the fitness arena. His focus stems from military experience in the Marine Corp. Timothy also emulates an undeniable light of passion with every workout he performs. A Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Temple Builders Fitness Center in Jacksonville, FL, Timothy continues to evolve in the fitness field. He is trained and personally certified by the Inventor of Bulgarian Bags, Ivan Ivanov as Master Trainer Suples Strong Level and currently working to earn his Bachelors’ Degree in Exercise Science. Timothy demonstrates a sincere love for developing his body as a Temple of God. He further enjoys helping others do the same, especially high school athletes and men ages 30 to 60. Not only for the benefits of fitness but also in creating Spiritual balance in the mind, body and soul. Building relationships with men, young and old through fitness gives Timothy great fulfillment and an avenue to share the Gospel. He believes this is the Godly call on his life and gives all his energies to doing just that. Under Timothy’s Leadership as Director, the Mission of Temple Builder’s Fitness Center is shared with every person he comes in contact with; Transforming Bodies to Glorify God.


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